Xbox 360 Problems.

My Xbox 360 used to read original Xbox games (I have both of the original Battlefronts), but now it won't. Any body now how to fix it?
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  • UdalCuain
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    Have you got it connected to the Internet?
  • LynnYoda
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    when you put a disc in does the screen say anything, is the disc spinning, does it sound like its loading, what colour are the lights on the front of the console..... just a few things that can give an idea of what the issue is..

    cant just say it wont read discs anymore.. whats wrong ;)
  • Tman
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    Sorry that I was vague. I downloaded an update for the console now it won't read original Xbox games. It reads Xbox 360 games fine though. I have tried using the internet with it but to no avail.
    I am more powerful than the Chancellor- Anikan Skywalker and Tman
  • makes more sense now.... in short your hard drive might not be an official xbox360 hard drive with all the info needed on it. guessing you replaced the hard drive at some point + cloned your original. it wont work without an official xbox360 hdd in it.
    couple of links for you to read but im pretty sure its the hdd

    other than that make sure your connected to the internet as they might need updates installed. so troubleshoot your internet connection and then work on the other issue
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