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Hello there!

This thread is designed to help answer some of the FAQs players have about SWGoH. It will evolve over time and will be quite lengthy. This is the first version, and when similar questions keep getting asked, they’ll be added to this. I’ve tried to keep it to sections on the same subject. For ease of use, if there’s something specific you are looking for, I’d recommend using “CTRL + F” to search for a key word.

Massive thanks to all that contributed to the information gathering thread and that have PM’d or tagged me in common threads. Anything you feel needs added or amended drop me a PM or add something to the information gathering thread. Try not to comment on this thread if it’s unlocked, it’d be nice to keep it as tidy as possible. I’ll try and update this FAQ weekly, but may be longer depending on real life stuff:

Edit 12/01/22: I've had a scan for errors following all the recent changes in-game. If I've missed stuff feel free to drop me a PM.
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    1. General Forum Stuff
    1.1. “How do I report a cheater?”

    Firstly, don’t post a thread with the suspected player details. Naming and shaming is a breach of the Forum rules. Don’t get yourself banned and unable to send a report. You need to send a PM to CG_Leviathan. Be as specific as you can, and include any screenshots and the ally code of the suspected cheater.

    1.2. “My account has been banned!”
    As above, send a PM to CG_Leviathan. Making a post won’t get your issue solved. Try to avoid bombarding him with messages, as this can result in your issue been viewed as newer, and as a result may take longer to solve,

    1.3. “I think this is a bug…”

    All bug reports should be made to Answers HQ, where the lovely team will be happy to check things out for you:

    1.4. “Why was my thread moved?”
    Kyno and the rest of the mod team work tirelessly to keep the forums as clutter free as possible. If a thread is moved, it’s because it was in the wrong place to start with or has been merged with a “Megathread” on a hot topic. General Discussion is usually reserved for what is currently happening in-game, new events etc. Regular forum users tend to use the “Discussions” view (Recent Discussions on mobile), so your post will still be seen by the community.

    1.5. “My thread has been deleted/my thread has disappeared”
    Posts rarely get deleted, with breaching the forum guidelines being the main reason that this happens. Guidelines can be found here: The most common reason for a thread disappearing is a quick edit resulting in the spam filter eating it up. Send a PM to Kyno or one of the other mods, and they can retrieve it for you.
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    2. Drop Rates and Farming (or “The Curious Case of RNG”)
    2.1. “What are the drop rates of gear and shards?”

    CG has never explicitly stated the drop rates of shards and gear. The tracked data for shards it around 33%. Gear and relic data are different. Players tend to remember the bad runs of luck, and not the days where they go 5/5 on their Piett farm. Small sample sizes will have extremes, but the folks over at reddit track these things with large volumes of data. The drop rates are not adjusted by the Dev team, nor are there algorithms to reduce your drop rate as you get closer to completing a gear piece/character farm.
    Shard data:
    Signal data tracking:
    Kyrotech appears to be around 20% (further links in threads):

    2.2.1. “The rewards say two, but I only received one”
    On a node, the gear and signal data are listed as the maximum “possible” drops. In the case of signal data,”2” is listed for all three variants, but 0 and 1 are also possible drops. Some gear states 3 or more, and again, lower drops are possible. The same applies to challenges, and yes, people do receive 7 carbs from challenges occasionally. Character shards are a fixed amount. If they say “2”, you’ll get two with every drop.

    2.2.2. “Why is the Rebel Roundup Assault Battle only giving me 10 shards? The rewards say 20!”
    This is the exception to the “If they say “X”, you’ll get X” rule. It shows up to 20 as a possible maximum drop as it’s possible to have the same character drop twice. You’ll either get two drops of 10 shards for different characters, or one drop of 20 shards for the same character.

    2.3. “Why is (insert name of character here) only awarding one shard? Shouldn’t it be two?”
    We have two types of character: Accelerated and Original rate. Original rate characters are either exclusive to events, require premium currency, or have in the game less than a year. Marquee characters (so far the only ones to change from Original Rate to Accelerated since the initial Shard Economy changes) become an Accelerated Character and move to 2 shards per drop around their one year anniversary. Handy place to keep track of release dates as a guide for when a character with become Accelerated:
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    3. Grand Arena Championships
    3.1. “I joined Grand Arena but it’s showing no event available”

    The team investigates every report they receive on this and, so far, every result has shown that a player didn’t join. To make sure you have joined, proceed all the way to the table where you would set defences when match making is done.

    3.2. “My opponent has set more defences than me!”
    The circles on each territory can be misleading. There is a number indicating how many teams and fleets you can set the top right corner of each territory. Furthermore, the “Assign Squad” button becomes greyed out when the maximum number of teams has been set.

    3.3. “I’m in a higher/lower Division than I should be”
    Divisions are locked from the moment you log into the game after the GAC season launches. Removing mods, upgrading your roster etc before joining will make no difference to your Division after this point. If you want to be in a lower/higher Division, you need to lower/raise you GP before the season launches. The start dates for GAC seasons are listed on the monthly calendar, found in the Dev Announcements section:

    3.4. “I applied a zeta/improved my gear/moved mods and it’s not available for GAC”
    A common misconception is that your roster locks at the end of the join period. It doesn’t. Your roster is locked in for the week the second you hit “Join”. Make sure you do all the upgrades you think you’ll need before joining.

    3.5. “How has someone got 3,000 points already? The first attack phase hasn’t started yet!”
    Every month, without fail, this gets asked. Sometimes there aren’t enough players to make a group of 8 for a GAC round. In this case, one (or more) player(s) is/are awarded a “bye”. This grants them the maximum defensive and offensive points for that match. It is added to their score and appears on the leaderboards before the offence phase starts as the system doesn’t need to wait for the outcome of the match, as it’s already decided.

    3.6. “I don’t understand how my GAC opponent beat my defence” (see 12.1.) allows you to track your GAC history. It shows what teams your opponent has used. If there is anything obviously suspicious, such as a G9 CUP taking down your G13 relic Darth Revan team, you can screenshot this and add it to a cheating report (see 1.1.)

    3.7. “I received a message saying I am not getting rewards due to a lack of participation”
    Occasional erroneous messages aside, you need to score a minimum of 10 banners to receive rewards. With banners for defence no longer being awarded, this must be done on offence. You receive 10 banners for attempting (no win required) your first battle in each round.
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    4. Conquest
    This is a tricky section as feats change over time, but I’ll try and stay on top of this section as questions about abilities and feats are asked.

    4.1 “Do the effects of data disks stack?”
    Yes, they do. Have fun creating immortal killing machines with those data disks.

    4.2. “I’m taking 15 or more turns against the Sector One boss and not being credited with the feat”
    You need to take 15 turns before the enemy. This means you must take the first turn, then 14 or more turns following it without the enemy taking a turn. Bear in mind that coming out of Stun counts as a turn, because the enemy still gets their turn, but Stun prevents them taking an action.
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    5. Territory War
    5.1.1. “I joined Territory War but it’s not showing up for me now”

    As with GAC, you need to make sure you hit that join button. Unlike GAC, you can leave and re-join if you need to make changes to your roster. Make sure you remember to hit that big green button if you do.

    5.1.2. “I didn’t know there was a Territory War available”
    There are some edge-case situations where if a player is in-game at the start of a TW join period the home screen button doesn’t pop up. It will show after restarting. Ask officers to send out announcements when a join phase opens.

    5.2. “I applied a zeta/improved my gear/moved mods and it’s not available for TW”
    As with GAC, your roster locks when you hit join. However, you have the option to leave and re-join if you make changes. This will refresh your roster, making all those lovely upgrades available for use.

    5.3. “I didn’t get any rewards from the Territory War!!!”
    Participation is needed for rewards. If you signed up, you must score a minimum of 50 banners which can be achieved through setting defensive squads, successful attacks or a combination of both.

    5.4. “My guild is matched against a guild that has 30 more Galactic Legends than us”
    Matchmaking is based on the active GP of who signs up. It is possible for a higher GP guild with low participation to face a guild with lower GP but higher participation. The updated matchmaking now takes a guild's win/loss record into account.

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    6. Territory Battles
    6.1 “Sniper Droid killed one of my characters whilst Rey was in her Ultimate ability”

    This is working as intended. At 15 stacks, Sniper Droid instantly defeats the target enemy. This is a Destroy effect, such as Nihilus’s Annihilate and Mando’s Disintegrate. It doesn’t do any damage, just deletes the character, which is why Rey’s Ult cannot prevent it.
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    7. Raids
    7.1. “In the first phase of the Sith Triumvirate Raid, my character damage is higher than the total damage”

    Damage done to Nihilus’s purple protection doesn’t count towards the overall score, but is credited to characters. Only damage to his green health bar counts towards your final score. In contrast, you can have higher scores in the other phases than what your characters have dealt, as the damage from Thermal Detonators, Damage over Time and Expose are not attributed to a character.

    7.2. “I haven't received rewards from the Challenge Rancor Raid despite being in X place”
    The most common reason for this is that your guild has not completed the raid. You must clear all four phases within the 48 hour limit to receive the rewards.
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    8. Stats and Mechanics
    8.1 “How does tenacity and potency work?”

    Unless an ability that attempts to apply a debuff states it “cannot be resisted”, it needs to go through a tenacity/potency check (another exception is Tenacity Down). Tenacity of the target – potency of the attacker = target’s chance to resist the debuff. This number cannot go below 15%, which is the minimum chance to resist. No matter how high your potency or how low the target’s tenacity, they will always have a 15% chance to resist a debuff. Note: this is different to abilities which state “has an X% chance to apply”.
    Order of checks:
    1) Is there a “chance to apply” statement? If yes go to 2, if not go to 3.
    2) Will the ability attempt to apply the debuff be made? If yes, move to 3. If no, stop here and no attempt to apply the debuff will be made.
    3) Tenacity/potency check
    4) Depending on the result of 3, debuff is either inflicted or resisted.

    8.2. "Boba Fett’s Payout gives him 200% Defence Penetration, but his stat screen says 0% Defence Penetration and 200 x 0 = 0" / "Why does my T3-M4’s Defence penetration is at 0 but I have his abilities upgraded to 100% Defence Penetration?"

    That Defence Penetration stat says 0% for the vast majority of characters. Ignoring it would be my advice.
    "Defence Penetration" is an umbrella term that covers Armour Penetration (for attacks using physical damage) and Resistance Penetration (attacks that deal special damage). Anything that says it increases/decreases Defence Penetration affects both Armour and Resistance Penetration.
    “Defence Penetration Up” adds 150 flat value to Amour Penetration and Resistance Penetration. “Defence Penetration Down” removes 150 flat value to Amour Penetration and Resistance Penetration.
    T3-M4’s “Master Gearhead” Unique first doubles his Amour Penetration and Resistance Penetration, then shares those stats with his Droid allies. This is applied in battle, and as such won’t appear on the stat screen.
    All Boba's attacks are physical damage, so look at the Armour Penetration you have and times that by three.
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    9. Funky Character Interactions
    In a game with over 200 characters, there are bound to be some interactions that appear broken but are actually working as intended. Thrawn alone is responsible for three on this list. These are the most common questions seen recently regarding kit interactions.

    9.1.1. “I Fractured Bossk/Old Ben and he regained Taunt” / "General Kenobi keeps regaining Taunt under Jedi Master Kenobi"
    Taunt is dispelled, then immediately regained (Bossk – if the weakest enemy has protection, Old Ben if it’s the first time the Taunt from his special ability is dispelled, the effects of Jed Master Kenobi lead). This happens before the buff immunity of fracture happens and is working as intended. Fracture, and the taunts of Old Ben and Bossk goes something like:
    1) Dispel
    2) Regaining of taunt
    3) Buff Immunity
    4) Speed reduction
    5) Turn Meter Removal
    6) Damage

    Isolate and the Taunt regain mechanics:
    1) Dispel
    2) Regaining of Taunt
    3) Buff Immunity
    4) Other Immunities
    5) Bonus Protection for target ally
    6) Cooldown reduction

    9.1.2. “Enemies are still getting Turn Meter whilst Fractured in Light Side Geonosian Territory Battle”. Related – “Zombie is taking turns whilst at -100% speed in the same event”
    Clone Commander sets the speed of all units at a fixed 150. This undoes Fracture setting an enemy to 0 speed and cures a bricked Zombie.

    9.1.3. “Enemies are gaining Master’s Training through Fracture/Isolate”
    A locked buff cannot be dispelled or prevented, as such it will apply through Fracture and Isolate.

    9.2. “Jango doesn’t double-tap against enemies with Armour Shred”
    Armour Shred is not viewed as a debuff by the game. As such Jango will not use his basic twice on an enemy inflicted with it. It is more of a mechanic rather than a debuff, like Guard or Extortion. This can be confusing due to the colour of the icon being red. The other notable exception to Jango’s double-tap / “not a debuff” is the stacks of Endless Horde on Nightsister Zombie.

    9.3. “Jango/Enfys Nest caused me to time out because I couldn’t kill them”
    This is one of those mistakes we all make at least once and hopefully learn from. Jango receives Damage Immunity as part of his Payout (granted immediately under another Separatist’s lead or through fulfilling a Bounty Hunter Contract), and Enfys Nest stacks protection every time she is damaged. If you don’t let these characters take turns (two in the case of Jango for DI to expire), you’ll never beat them. Taking in a team with high turn meter removal against them is a recipe for disaster. The same can happen against Traya in the last part of the Sith Raid if use take Nest or Jango against her. Best to send them in elsewhere the raid if you want to use them.

    9.4. “JML keeps regaining his protection up under Bastila Lead with Wat when using SEE”
    People hate this, but all the kits are doing what they are supposed to do. I find the easiest way to break it down is as follows:
    1) Under Bastila lead, JML's protection pool is made up of two components, his normal blue protection, and purple protection from Bastila's lead equal to 200% of his max health (all bonus protection is based on max health, which allows sub-g7 characters to gain it)
    2) In the case of my JML, he has 60k blue and 380k purple protection for a total of 440k protection.
    3) Using these numbers, JML recovers 132k protection at the start of his turns.
    4) Linked from Sith Eternal Emperor only affects the blue protection, not the protection provided by Bastila's lead. Once this has gone, JML has his purple protection pool remaining, which Linked cannot reduce.
    5) JML can still regain 30% of that purple pool at the start of his turns, even if his blue bar is empty. Using my stats, that's 114k recovery each turn.

    9.5. “Han didn’t stun the target with “Shoots First”
    An increasing number of characters we have in-game are immune to Stun and Ability Block. Yes, Han’s initial stun cannot be resisted, but immunity trumps that. Another thing to look out for is Guard from Legendary Chewbacca, which will also prevent all stuns.

    9.6. “I can’t Mark SLKR!”
    SLKR is immune to all taunt effects. This includes Taunt, Marked and Deathmark

    9.7. “I’m not landing any debuffs”

    The most common reason for this is Bastila Shan (Fallen)’s Corrupted Battle Mediation, which prevents anyone inflicted with it from attempting to apply debuffs. Failing that, you might want to try upping the potency of your characters (see 8.1.).
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    10. Galactic Legends
    10.1 “Can I use the Ultimate Mats I earned during one Galactic Legend’s event on a different Galactic Legend?”
    Yes, you can. They are resources just like omega and zeta mats, and not locked to a specific character.

    10.2. “What’s the best way to farm Galactic Legend tickets? How long will it take?”
    This comes down to preference and how many refreshes you buy. This is my advice:
    “For these numbers, I'm assuming you are devoting all energy to ticket farming. If you are farming anything else you'll have to adjust accordingly. I'm also assuming no losses, so make sure you read guides on the best strategy.
    The tracked drop rate for tickets on reddit is between 5-6% per unit of energy spent. For ease of the maths, and so that we are looking at a "worst case" scenario, let's call it 5%. On the 10 energy Kyrotech node (good place to farm tickets, you'll make progress towards the ton of Kyrotech a GL needs by the end of this), we have a drop rate of 50%.
    To unlock your GL (replaying tiers 1-3) you need 420 tickets, so 840 attempts on a 10 energy node, for a total energy outlay of 8,400. You get 375 free energy a day. Without refreshes that's 22.4 days to unlock (8,400/375).
    With refreshes: One refresh - 17 days (8,400/495), Two refreshes - 13.6 days (8,400/615), Three refreshes - 11.4 days (8,400/735).
    You need 840 tickets for tiers 4-6. So that's a total of 1,680 attempts, with a total energy outlay of 16,800 on a 10 energy node.
    Without refreshes it'll take 44.8 days (16,800/375) to get enough tickets to do tiers 4, 5 and the ten attempts at tier 6.

    With refreshes: One refresh - 34 days (16,800/495), Two refreshes - 27 days (16,800/615), Three refreshes - 23 days (16,800/735).
    Add both sets of numbers for your number of refreshes together for your estimated timeline for unlocking your GL and their Ult”.

    Reddit thread tracking ticket drops:
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    11. Ships
    11.1. “What affects a ship’s speed?”

    The pilot’s gear, level, rarity (stars), relic level, abilities and mods all contribute to overall ship power, including speed. With regards to mods, it’s only the level (1-15) and the rarity (MK I – MK VI) affect stats, tier (A-E) does not. CrouchingRancor have a handy ship speed calculator that you can play about with to see what will increase the speed of your ship:
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    12. Resources

    This the go-to (not to be confused with (G0-T0 from KOTOR2) third party site for SWGoH. Once registered, you can see your arena record for the last month, track your progress towards gearing the requirements for Galactic Legends, and view your GAC history. There are also mod tools which allow you to view your equipped mods and filter by stat. It’s a great way to find that +25 speed mod that you placed on a subpar character.

    This website has a listing of event history, and regularly post the dates of upcoming events. They also have useful tools, such as a Panic Farm Calculator. There is a super active, friendly, and helpful Discord group associated with the site and the SWGoH community managers occasionally pop in for a chat. A link to the Discord group can be found on the website homepage.

    12.3. SWGoH Help Wiki
    A helpful Wiki that combines some of the information found on the two sites above. It has a good break down of the mechanics and roles of each stat.

    12.4. YouTubers/Podcasts
    Watching YouTube videos about the game isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of resources and guides to events out there. There are links below to some of the more popular SWGoH YouTubers and podcasts. If there is anyone you think should be added let me know. I’m not writing blurbs for them, as I feel the enjoyment of a certain host is very subjective, so try them out and you’ll find your own favourite.
    Darth Kermit:
    Endall Beal:
    Fatal/The Playbook:
    Operation Metaverse:
    Captain Blunder:
    Galactic War Report (Podcast):

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    13. Challenges
    13.1 “Challenges only let me do one SIM!”

    With the Title update on 4th May 2021 the timer was removed on Challenges. Multi-SIM will now attempt to SIM all challenges at the same time, so you’ll receive the rewards for all 8 battles (24 on a Sunday) once.

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    14. Underage Accounts
    14.1. “I can’t see the chat” / “I’ve set my age wrong” / “My account didn’t automatically Age-Up”

    Minor accounts are missing functions such as chat, connection options, guild creation and the ability to edit the player’s name. If you believe you incorrectly have a minor account, you can follow the steps under the “Spoiler” tag in this post: You’ll need to verify your age with the support agent.
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    15. Gear and Relics
    15.1. “I have all the materials to take a character to Relic 8 but it won’t let me!”

    Depending on your device, the bottom left box on the relic upgrade screen scrolls and can lead to Impulse Detectors and Aeromagnifiers not being displayed. Scroll the box to reveal what you are missing.

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    16. Mods

    16.1. “One of my mods doesn’t appear on the ‘Sell’ screen”
    This can happen with locked mods, but they will also fail to appear on the “Sell” screen if they are in a load out, which is the main source of confusion for players. Remove the mod from the load out, or delete the load out, and the mod will appear for sale.

    16.2 “My mods say 23.5% Protection, but it isn’t being applied to my characters”
    The percentage primary stats on mods are increasing the base stats of a character. Pre-Gear 7 characters have no base protection, and 0 x 23.5 = 0. Secondary stats on mods can provided a flat protection value, but you won’t see percentage increase until a character is at least Gear 7.

    16.3. “I'm not getting a set bonus for my mods, despite having two of the same set applied”
    Mods require either two or four of the same set to grant the bonus.
    Health, Defence, Crit Chance, Tenacity and Potency sets require two mods for the bonus.
    Crit Damage, Offence and Speed sets require four.

    16.4 “My mod percentage stats aren't giving the correct value”
    Percentage stats only increase the base value for completed gear tiers. For example, if you have a character that is Gear XII with four pieces towards Gear XIII equipped, a 16% Health Primary mod will only add 16% of that character's health up to Gear XII. Any health on those extra four pieces will not be counted in the mod bonus until you close off the tier by equipping the last two pieces.
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    17. Galactic Challenges
    As with Conquest, this is a hard section to keep track of, but I’ll try and add the things that trip players up the most frequently.

    17.1. “I’m not getting credit for using no more than three special abilities”
    There have been a few misinterpretations of this feat. It does NOT mean “using no more than three different special abilities as many times as you like”. You can only use three special abilities in total across all characters for the duration of the battle. For example, CLS uses his “Call to Action”, followed immediately by “Use the Force”. Chewbacca uses his AoE, and that’s your three specials gone. Anymore and you won’t get credit for the feat. Ultimate Abilities and event abilities also contribute towards the count. General Anakin Skywalker is the main reason for people not being credited for this feat when they feel they should. It is nearly impossible to earn this feat with him on the team, as every time he uses a Basic ability during his turn he follows it up with the special ability “Telekinesis”.

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    18. Unlocking Characters

    Characters can be unlocked in a variety of ways. Farming from nodes and stores is one way, events are another. 18.1 and subsections covers limited time events. 18.2 and subsections covers the different types of event found in the Journey Guide.

    18.1. Time-limited events

    18.1.1.Marque Events

    Used for new character releases, these are time-limited events, ranging from a couple of days to a week in length. You use your own roster and/or loaned characters to get a feel for the new release. Completing all tiers grants you the shards for a 3* .

    18.1.2. Fleet Mastery / Advanced Fleet Mastery

    These are day-long events, occurring once or twice a month for the Capital ships. Fleet Mastery events grant you 15 blueprints per attempt, and are used to take Home One, Endurance, and Executrix from 6* to 7*. Advanced Fleet Mastery Events allow you to unlock the Raddus and Finalizer Capital ships at 4*, and you replay the bonus tier to progress them to 7* at a rate of 10 blueprints per event, with the option to refresh available. (details on the Executor to be added upon its release)

    18.1.3. Galactic Chase

    These events add recently released or brand new characters or ships to nodes as additional drops. The most recent Galactic Chase was Razor Crest making its debut outside of Conquest rewards. The drop rate is tied to per unit of energy spent, with 20 energy nodes having the highest drop rate and 6 energy nodes the lowest. This varies depending on the type of node (Cantina, Fleet, Light Side / Dark Side), with reddit tracking the drop rate between 2-4% per energy for past Chases.

    18.2. Journey Guide Events

    18.2.1. Legendary Events

    Units: R2-D2, BB-8 Grand Master Yoda, Emperor Palpatine, Grand Admiral Thrawn, C-3P0, Chewbacca, Padme Amidala, Chimaera, Han's Millennium Falcon
    These events require five characters from a specific faction, with eligible units found on the “Activities” tab. There are seven tiers, with characters needed to meet the equivalent star/rarity rating for each tier. Completing tier five unlocks the unit, with tiers six and seven providing the shards/blueprints to promote it seven stars. Some events also require the player to be level 85, and this is shown on the “Prerequisites” tab.

    18.2.2. Journey Events

    Units: The Mandalorian (Beskar Armour), Rey (Jedi Training), Commander Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Revan, Darth Revan
    These events tell a story, taking the player through key parts of the character's journey. Specific characters are required, shown on the “Activity” tab, but there are no fixed gear requirements. Apart from the Mandalorian (Beskar Armour) event, players need to be level 85 to enter Journey-style events. The unit is unlocked at 7* upon completing all tiers.

    18.2.3. Epic Confrontations

    Units: General Anakin Skywalker, Darth Malak
    Requiring specific characters above a certain power level (17,500GP for Malak, 17,000GP for GAS), these extremely challenging events unlock the unit at 5*. You can reach the power requirement through any combination of gear, mods and abilities, but trying to do the event below the minimum gear requirements is not recommended. Once unlocked, further shards to promote the unit to 7* can be purchased with Guild Event Tokens in the Guild Event Store.

    18.2.4. Galactic Legends

    Units: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, Sith Eternal Emperor, Lord Vader, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master Kenobi, Rey (she doesn't get a fancy title like the rest of them, but still great).
    The pinnacle of power, these are the ultimate characters in-game. They take a lot of work to unlock, but are worth the effort. They require a large number of high relic characters, and some require ships, which are listed in the “Prerequisite” tab. There are also quests for small groups of their requirements. Once ALL requirements are met, players farm tickets from nodes to play each tier (see 10.2 for ticket farming advice). Replaying tiers 1-3 unlocks he character at 7*. Tiers 4-6 require you to use your unlocked character to earn the Ultimate mats for their most powerful abilities.

    18.2.5. Raid Characters

    Units: Han Solo, General Kenobi, Darth Traya
    Self-explanatory, but as we are here anyway, these characters are earned by completing the top tier of guild raids. The higher you place, the more shards you receive.

    18.2.6. Territory Battle Characters

    Units: Rebel Officer Leia Organa, Imperial Probe Droid, Wat Tambor, Ki-Adi-Mundi
    Again, self-explanatory really. These units are unlocked through Territory Battle missions requiring specific units or factions. Motivate your guild to build these teams and you'll collectively unlock them faster. Every successful completion of the mission is an extra shard for all guild members.
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    19. Game Updates

    19.1.1. “I can't see features listed on the update notes"

    An update can appear in your OS App Store a day or two early. Updating manually may make some changes visible, whilst the majority do not take affect until the forced update from the studio. Historically, these forced updates have been on Wednesdays, but that is no guarantee.

    Update notes can be found in this section:

    19.1.2. “The update notes say that X character/gear has been added to a store/shipments but they aren't there"

    Stores need to refresh (either naturally on the timer or by a player spending crystals) before new additions appear. Some characters may share a rotation with others, so they may not show up on the first refresh.
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    20. Stores and Spending Currency

    20.1. “The Arena/Cantina/Galactic War/Fleet store(s) haven't been updated for ages"

    This is by design. Once you have farmed everything from the stores they are intended as a source of Shard Shop currency. Sitting on tons of tokens for these stores means you are missing out on gear.

    On a personal note, always buy ship blueprints over character shards. Each blueprint is worth 38 Shard shop currency, whereas characters give 15. Four blueprints gives 152 SSC, with ten character shards is 150. Whilst this is a minimal difference, it is still worthwhile doing in the long run.

    With regards to the Arena Store, once I had bought everything I stockpiled Prestige for Capital Ships from there. Each Capital Ship requires 1950 Prestige, so worth bearing that in mind when thinking about how to spend Arena Store Tokens.
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