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    Hey, maybe OP really is 42-0 and beats Malak teams. Impressive if true.

    It's just worth being skeptical of anything on the internet.

    Not to mention it's not really relevant to the thread.
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  • I took #1 for the first (okay possibly second) time in the last GA. Somehow beat two guys with DRevan, and me without. Go me.

    Good job. Darth Revan teams can be quite difficult to go up against.

    And congratulations to the op for being flawless in GA. Definitely a difficult task to accomplish.

    I was flawless about a month ago then I lost my first match. 😭

    Oh I didn't beat the DR teams. Round 1 I skipped the front row DR, but my opponent got hung up after clearing only 1 zone; I cleared 2. Round 2 my opponent held his DR for offense but only cleared 3 zones, I cleared 4. Round 3 there were no DR on either side. Strategy was the deciding factor.
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    Um... sure.
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