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Hey folks, I'm looking for a bit of advice on what my next Zeta should be. At the moment I'm running an Empire squad as my main (using them for arena etc.) and as such my first one went on Palpatine. After what seems like an age, I've built up enough for a second Zeta and I don't know if I should double down on my Empire squad or use it to make my fledgling Jedi more effective.

This is me: https://swgoh.gg/p/382753691/

I'm thinking either giving EP his second zeta, getting Thrawn's Ebb & Flow, or going for Bastila's Initiative. Outside contender is Boba Fett, because I'm slowly building up a Bounty Hunter team at the same time.

Would really appreciate advice from some players more experienced than me! :)


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    Ep, thrawn and bastilla are all good, thrawns is usable in multiple squads, ep's is worth it for your arena squad, I would zeta bastilla only for lead if you don't have jkRevan in short term sights and want to run jedi.

    Running kru as a tank in your line up?
  • Yeah - he definitely feels like the weak link, reckon I should start farming Sion to replace him?
  • Great ds tank, if you work him and nihlus at the same time, ep works nicely with these two
  • Nice - I've just finished Bastila so I've got space to start farming him.

    I didn't really think about the fact that Bastila is a wasted Zeta once I've got Revan (which I'm hoping to manage next time he comes round).

    Guess that means EP or Thrawn is the way to go. Tough decision...
  • Mix it up a little. Thrawn can be thrown in multiple teams. Sion is a masterpiece of a tank or if you wanna have a teams for defense on other game modes besides arena then either Bosk's lead who can heal every bounty hunters health and protection or Vandor Chew (he can bring back dead lightside smugglers (or was scoundrels?).
  • Palp or Ebb and Flow. Ebb and Flow makes Thrawn the most balanced and one of the best characters in the game.
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