When’s the Fun Gonna Start?

We’ve gone several days (has it been a week yet?) without ANY news on the forums. With Light Side Geonosis Territory Battles on the way, I’m very concerned. Can we get information about the incoming content? Or maybe at least a puzzle? I’d very much like to know what’s incoming, whether it’s a Geonosian/Clone Trooper rework, or when the next Padmé or Malak event is happening, or even the introduction of Ki Adi Mundi and a Mace Windu rework! What’s going on, Capital Games? When’s the fun gonna start?


  • I've asked that several times and received nothing. Honestly don't want to know about ANY upcoming palette swaps titled NEW content. IMHO star wars is nothing without the conflict between Jedi and sith. Could you imagine the ot without them? It would be just warwars. There's 98 LS 78 DS 30 Jedi and 15 Sith. Who cares about 131 useless place holders? This game should be named SPACE WARS GARBAGE CAN OF PAWNS. I've said enough.
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