They unintentionally made it harder to assign mod loadouts.

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You used to be able to see the "assign loadout" option when viewing the mods of a particular character. Now you can't.

The only way now is to view the mods first (by clicking on "mods" on the characters view screen), then choose a character then click on "assign loadout".

Seems like an oversight on their part.
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  • If we're being honest, CG doesn't want you to swap mods. They want you to invest in sets for each character - not move a couple of good sets around. Honestly, the entire load out system is clunky and awkward anyway.
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    Yeah I just realized that... That new interface is getting better and better! :s

    Edit: OH WAIT you can access the loadouts like in the old view! Just click on the minus sign and it will show up. Still it was fine before, this adds an unnecessary step...
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