trouble promoting guild member to officer

I'm hoping somebody can help me with this.
I have a guild member that I would like to promote to officer I only have one officer in my guild so far and I'm having trouble promoting.
From everything I've been reading I do not believe she has a underage account she is able to participate in Guild chat and was able to change her name but for some reason I cannot promote her to an officer can anybody give any suggestions


  • Try and promote a different member of your guild to officer and see if that's bugged. If it is, report it. If it's not, it's something to do with her account.
  • CCyrilS
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    I think a guild of underage officers would be funny
  • SemiGod
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    FBI open up
  • Can you do that while TB is going on ? Not sure all guild modifications are available st this moment. We did have the same issue in my guild and this is the answer that we were given though I don't know by who ahah (I'm not an officer)
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