Sell Zeta’s

I know this is a hot topic but I think handled right it could be a good thing. What I propose is that the game does a inventory check and count the amount of Zetas a player has. If it is lower than a certain threshold they pop up in the store for sale. That way newer players would have a way to catch up easier. Even as a former whale it would not bother me cause in the end it would mean more players staying longer and spending more for longer life of the game.


  • You could just keep your numbers low forever.

    I could see it where you could buy one a month.
  • Gifafi
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    "catching up" isn't really a thing. you stay with those on your arena shard, fwiw. Not a bad idea other than that, if they are selling zetas at all I mean.
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • I'd be fine if they had a set of purchases like the galactic upgrade things; purchase once, gone forever. Everyone has the opportunity to buy the same amount if they want. Helps out players who purchase the hyperdrive bundle, could help out long term players, whales wouldn't get a renewable advantage, etc.
  • I'll sell you 20 zetas for a mk5 stun cuff!!!

    How can we get this deal done?
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