I bought the Hyperdrive Bundle.
But I don't know which characters to invest first, and which are the best teams.


  • The most obvious plan is to go after JKR. Speed ​​up everything you can from Bastila, Jolle and the toons needed for the event.

    Several ideas are possible and so I will give you a general idea.

    In Yellow energy the cheapest points are those with ships. Hounds + Jango and Bossk are excellent for immediately destroying Chewi and upgrading their ships.

    Your canteen will be full for a long time. Speed ​​up JKR's toons, grab Canderous and then go after unmasked Kylo. In that order.

    In Cantina currency, close Ahsoka right away and then do not have a specific order but Daka, FOO and Chooper must be first.

    In Guild currency your priorities are Logray and Dengar

    In the Galactic War, close Lumi, Zeb, Phasma, Biggs, Cad in the order you find most convenient and then invest heavily in the biggs, wedge and geonosian spaceship.

    In the arena the first 5 to close 7 stars are: Kanan, Tarkin, Asajj, Leia, Han ST.

    In the guild events currency you can close Hera, Erza, Luke Farmboy and Old Ben and the CLS will be closer.
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