What is the drop rate of omegas on the cantina table 8 battles?

A qeastion for EA and CG. So on cantina table 8 all the battles have a chance of dropping an omega. What’s the drop rate of omegas on cantina table 8 battles? I’m not saying that omegas have to flow like a waterfall. But I’ve done simed a battle at least 100 times and have not gotten one yet.


  • Rath_Tarr
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    So low you don't want to farm them there. Been a while since I tracked the drop rates on my Vet farms but it was less than 1% and I want to say more like 0.1% but I don't recall for sure.
  • I can say it is not 0%.
    I already got 1
  • I can say it is not 0%.
    I already got 1

    Out of how many tries?
  • ZAP
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    I want to hear the conversation regarding how this decision went down. Did they think this would be funny or were they thinking people would be really happy when they get one a year in there?
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