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Saludos camaradas de la galaxia, estoy en un punto que no se a quienes mejorar o en quien enfocarme, favor su guia.

Les dejo mi numero de jugador:
Greetings comrades of the galaxy, I am at a point where I do not know who to improve or who to focus on, please your guide.

I leave you my player's number:

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    Max out anakin, ahsoka and their ships. Then farm geonosian brood alpha and other geonosians. Max out their ships as well. Get padme.
  • 1. Get C3PO to 7 stars.
    2. Gear up your Grievous Droids and use them for Padme.
    3. Finish your Padme team (Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, Kenobi, C3PO)
  • This gives you 2 full top-tier teams (Padme and Grievous), and the Droids are needed for GAS, which is third best in the whole game
  • Muchas gracias, consulta Ashoka debe ser de fulcrum???
  • Oh, there are two Ahsokas. The normal Ahsoka, which you get get from both hard nodes and cantina store, and the fulcrum Ahsoka, which you get from fleet store. The normal Ahsoka is much better and has a lot more utility. Also note that Fulcrum Ahsoka does not have Jedi tag.
  • Cuales son las mejores naves?
  • Cuales son las mejores naves?

    Well there's not really a list of 'best ships', synergy plays a very important role. I'll have to type like 10000 words to cover this topic, so go google it yourself, there are a lot of great resources out there.
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