JML Zeta Order

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I have 3 zetas and a day or so out from unlocking JML. What do you think is the best three abilities to zeta first. I am kind of leaning in this order:
  1. Efflux
  2. Galactic Legend
  3. Legend of the Jedi
  4. Jedi Legacy
  5. They Grow Beyond
  6. Indomitable Blast


  • After playing around with JML, I find his leadership problematic at least for holding. Here is the order I am progressing with.
    1. Efflux
    2. Galactic Legend
    3. Jedi Legacy
    4. They Grow Beyond
    5. Legend of the Jedi
    6. Indomitable Blast
  • Ultra
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    Basic and Jedi Legacy I would save for last
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