Join The Republic. We Are A Family Of 18 Guilds. We Have A Home For Everyone.

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Welcome to the Republic!
We are a family of 18 guilds from around the world, a dedicated community that works together for the benefit of each guild family. From the early days of HPIT in 2016 up to the present day challenges of Geo TB, pit challenge and GLs, the Republic has been an established and ever-growing community of fun and competitive players. Here are some of our specs:

Competitive Guilds from 100 to 340 mil and a brand new Academy guild for players at or below L85. We also have some casual guilds for the laid back players.

Our new academy guild can help help new eager players grow quickly with all Heroic raids and our KnowledgeBase.

EU and Americas focus with one guild catering to our Asian Pacific players.

Competitve and spirited play in TW & TB. Full board clears and high efficiency wins in TW. DS Geo:

Up to 31 DS stars and 50 Wat shards. LS Geo: Up to 23 stars and 30 KAM shards.

Majority of top arena players including GA. Daily conversations on GL farming and GL killing.

Emphasis on camaraderie and good player citizenship and discourse

Shared recruiting and theory-crafting keeps every guild operating at their best!!!

Solid officer corps in each and every guild


We're proud of our guilds and are confident you can find your new home with us! If you are looking for a place to enjoy gaming through this year and next, please drop in and chat with us at

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