The REKoning recruiting for 3... 243M

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The REKoning
243M GP

We are a proud part of A Very Good Alliance, Co.

Fully heroic Guild looking for 3 players 5m +. (Lower GP can be negotiated on inventory.) Were focusing on CPit and would like to get players in that can help us succeed.

USA based, Guild resets 7:30pm EDT//23:30 UTC
Pit/HAAT ~ Auto launch at 3:00pm EDT//19:00 UTC
HSTR ~ Auto launch at 4:00pm EDT//20:00 UTC

Our mission is to push the envelope and develop personally and as a Guild as quickly as possible. Our officers suggest farming, mods, squad comps, etc and 600 tickets per day to help maximize our efforts to succeed.

We require:
~ Fully active in ALL Guild events
~ Communication - it is vital
~ A account

We will launch raids as we generate enough tickets.

TW and TB participation is expected.
Winning record for TW, 35W ~ 9L
~ 29-30 stars in DS GeoTB ~ 40+ Wat
~ 15 stars in LS GeoTB ~ 4 KAM (on farm)

If you’re interested please feel free to contact me on Discord - Ilinso#2272 or Ally code:
Ilinso: 624-542-756

Thanks for your consideration.
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