Can I do this with who I have now?

Hey all, this is what I'm working with currently. I'm 45 short of unlocking Chewie if I finish Tier V. Can I do this with who I have now? I just got CLS and wanna start building a team around him with Chewie. Thanks!


  • Waqui
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    You may want to mod them a bit differently before you give it a go but you should try it out. F.ex. I would suggest to maximize crit damage on Boba Fett with an offense cross and then hope for some lucky high damage executes and mod Greedo for high crit chance and hope some lucky streaks of bonus attacks. With Boba's lead they will benefit from potency. Also, don't use IG-88's AoE until Leia is dead to avoid feeding too much turn meter to the enemies.

    If you wish to complete tiers 6 and 7 you should buy Dengar shards every time he appears in the shop. Bossk will make it significantly easier but it can be done without him.
  • Thanks for the advice!!
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