Needed changes to TW and GAC

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So this might not concern everyone, but it is important that there are changes coming to our PVP gamemodes.

First GAC - the mode itself is great, variable and fun but we have people now approaching 10M GP soon and Division 1 still begins at 4.5M GP. The higher you go up, the teams and combinations you face get more similar - the mode gets stale, because we have way too many teams and possibilities for only so many slots.

There desperately need to be more thresholds, probably 4.5M - 6M, 6M - 7.5M and 7.5M+ or 4.5M to 6.5M and 6.5M+ with an increasing number of ground team slots to generate a better and more diversified experience for the players.

The issues in TW are similar, but not as easy to overcome. This mainly applies to the bigger guilds (250/300M +), but the boards are simply too small. Like in GAC, there are way too many options for only 200 ground and 50 ship teams and it ends up that you always see the same **** over and over again.

One way to fix this would be to adjust the boards here as well, for example by increasing the number of teams per zone to 35 or add more zones in the back(4x char, 2x ships) to increase variety and strengthen the tactical side of this mode. With a change like this, it should be monitored if longer attack phases of 36 hours - like Geo TB phases - are needed.
Another option to generate more variety would be to reintroduce Bonus-TWs, with certain factions and chars getting several boosts to mix up the meta and get more interesting matchups.

I hope someone from CG sees this, we’ve had a lot of great PVE stuff over the last year, but it’s time to polish these two modes up, that drive so many great people to continue playing this game <3
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