The House Of Mortis has a place!

Hello there!

The "House Of Mortis" ( is now recruiting! We are a 45m Guild that is a part of the "This Is The Way Alliance - TFNM" which consists of 4 guilds for all GPs.

What We Do:

- We run all Heroic Raids!
- We get ~21 stars in both Hoth TBs!
- We have lost 1 TW this year!

What We Would Want:

- We would like 400+ tickets every day unless you notify us!
- Full participation in ALL Guild Events!
- Any GP welcomed with opened arms!
-Mandatory Discord Server

Please DM SkyGuy#9851, message me here or (preferably) join our Alliance Recruitment Discord Server:

Officer in The Falcons Nest & The House Of Mortis, from the This Is The Way Alliance! Join our Recruitment Discord:


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