Need help with current GC

Hi, Need some advice on how to beat “That’s gonna leave a mark”. I don’t have many GL’s so can I get at least 12 points with what I have? 298-652-475 I would appreciate any helpful advice 😊🙏🏻 Thanks!


  • Schriefer
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    Bastila Shan lead, GMY, JKA, and maybe a combo of Old Ben and Ashoka. With what you got. Maybe sub the last 2 with other Jedi’s. Pretty sure you could get through tier 5 maybe 6 with that and get the flawless and the completed also for about 60 points total.
  • so can I get at least 12 points with what I have?

    Tier 4 would get the points you need, use the event special ability on Bastila’s turn every time. Use Bastila second ability on GMY and use GMY’s last ability to spread the buffs.
  • Thanks for advice,Tried like you said couldn’t get it to work on any level. Bastilla only gets two or three at most chances and special ability once outta three. What am I looking for with defense up 20times?
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