Update on MINI and What Is Being Done

Hey Everyone,

Some of you may know who I am, some may not. I am Rangerj1999 from Reality Skewed Gamers, a streamer for SWGOH, and like all of you I have been moved by MINI's story, as well as the entire content creators for this Game. I have been seeing a lot of post about this and since we are taking point on what is happening for MINI, I wanted to let you all know what the content creators are doing, what we have done, what will be happening soon and what you can do.

First, thank you to the community, guilds and shards for doing the name change to MINI. It means a lot and if you can keep letting people know and asking others for the name change, that would be greatly appreciated.

Second, big thank you to CG, specifically Doja and especially Crumb for changing their name to MINI. As soon as I asked and shared the situation with Crumb he did not hesitate and made the change. We have been in contact with the family and I know Crumb did as well, to see what the family wanted and what we could do for them. I know everyone at CG is doing everything they can at the moment.

That leads me to what is happening in the background. K8gaming got with me and asked what we could do and we decided to do a charity stream, which I will cover further down in this post. Shout out to K8 and the Bounty Hunnies for setting up the Tiltify. The family asked that if we did donations it went to a specific Charity and that is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We have it set up and you guys are proving again why this community rocks. So far we have raised over $4000 and rising, and we have not even done the charity stream yet!! If you would like to donate please do here: https://tiltify.com/@bountyhunnies/swgoh-community-for-mini

Share your thoughts and prayers, or share your stories in the message when you donate. Just as it is affecting MINI, Cancer has touched all of us in some way. My story is like many of yours, I myself lost my father to Cancer and is one of the reasons I am a Gamer for Cancer and work with the American Cancer Society, through streaming to help raise money for their cause.

Also huge shout out to all the content creators, who are doing all they can and have joined forces. Huge props to Arnald and Cubs for the video they did for MINI, being that those two are his favorite streamers. Also shout out to Cubs who actually sang for MINI on his stream yesterday, singing Weird Al's "The Saga Begins," one of MINI's favorites.

The other content creators, through the GACenter are all doing video messages for MINI to send to him and his family to show our support as well. The Escape podcast/GACenter and those associated with them, have volunteered to cut and get it ready ASAP to send to MINI and his family, and it is much appreciated.

Lastly, as many as can make it, from content creators, to CG with be on a special Jedi Academy Stream this Saturday, Starting at 10 AM EST, to continue to raise money for MINI. It will be an extended stream and we invite everyone to join us and hangout, as we continue to fight for MINI and his family and help raise money for a worthy cause. The link to the stream can be found here:

Thank you again community for showing why you are the best gaming community out there and we look forward to seeing you Saturday.


MINI Rangerj1999


  • DarthStormin
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    If you are a content creator I haven't been in contact with, get in touch with me with a link to a video and I will be sure to get it in the video comp I am putting together. Deadline is midnight eastern tonight June 9th.

    -Paul AnthMINI of The Escape Pod cast.
  • Hellenix
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    The GRDS and Planet Coruscant Discord Servers, as well as the United Without Limits Guild Family, proudly support the efforts of RangerJ1999, the RSG Crew, k8Gaming_, the BountyHunnies, Paul Anthony and the GACenter streamers! But, most importantly of all, we ALL stand proudly with MINI SNOWWALKER, his family, his guild, and the ENTIRE SWGoH Gaming Community !!!!

    Let's all make sure this amazing little SWGoH gamer is shown our fullest support, in every way we each can! Please, share his story, and share the Tiltify link. Cancer has effected us all.... and we CAN be the difference we want to see in this world.

    May the Force be with MINI and his family.... always!

    I am.... MINI Hellenix
    Discord ID: Hellenix #3201
    SWGoH Guild: United 'Merica (Officer)
  • el_mago
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    Like Ranger said, almost everyone has a story with this disease: both wins and losses.

    I HOPE MINI's story helps us to have many more wins.

    My prayers for him and his family, and others who are affected.

    I'm very proud to be a part of this awesome community!
  • Thank you so much everyone for joining the fight against cancer May MINI have a full and complete recovery very soon and as I said in other posts CG all crystals spent on changing names should go to cancer research. The whole community coming together is very comforting thank you everyone for helping MINI and many others.
  • Toyoda
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    Here's a statement from Mini's family to the community wy5p9c3q8r5u.jpg
  • Seeing how this community has rallied together makes me REALLY proud to be a member of this community
  • This is a truly sad story, but it's amazing to see how strong and supportive this community has been. I'm glad to be a part of this amazing group, and let's all continue to do our best to make MINI happy. This is the way.
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  • 3bdww32pmon5.jpeg

    MINI led the way for us on defense during this last TW. Definitely apart of our victory this round!
  • We as a community are strong.zq7uonbsiriy.png
  • WE are MiniStrong!

    RSG, Bounty Hunnies, and TEPc present the following:

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    Just thanks @Rangerj1999 .... and all the content creators out there, I'd name/tag you all... but there's so many of you on there.
    Big shout out to @CG_SBCrumb_MINI & @CG_Doja_Fett_MINI for stepping in & supporting.
    More importantly.... big love & support to MINISNOWALKER, his grandpa and family & friends... keep fighting, you've all the power and force of the community behind you... stay strong, we're sending you all our strength, love & support.

    I'm not Gavsta... I'm MINI Gavsta
    ... we are MINI 👊1b23dvp3utjm.jpg
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    Our arena shard is becoming MINI shard! 6 more at the moment not pictured here. MINI and family are in my prayers.

  • KalHorn
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    Can CG easily see how many players have changed name to include MINI? Would be a great show of community to see that total number!
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  • MINI is in all our hearts. Even in my guild, currently going through a disorganised moment of many quitting, and not many in discord, our message has spread, and MINI is in our guild's prayers.
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    Join the Dark Side, We Have Cookies.
    Join the Light Side, We Have Wookies.
  • Here is a link to a discord server dedicated to MINI and the fight against cancer https://discord.gg/m22RuuEa
  • Remember please continue to donate to st judes in honor of MINI let his sacrafice not be forgotten
  • I pray for your soul 😢
  • WiseJedi
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    First of all I would like to express my sincere condolences for the family during those days. May the Lord give them strength and consolation.

    I think Mini thaught us all one great lesson. How worthful life and health can be, fragile, full with love and always worth to fight for it with every inch of strength. He taught us that Health isn't normal. It's a miracle. This lesson should be honored.

    To see these actions proves again how great this community can be no matter where you are.

    RIP Mini
  • My condolences to the family. I am saddened by this. It is a difficult challenge to face. I hope you find comfort in this difficult time. May the force be with you.
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