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I'm trying to support my relic mats farm for skylo by getting a couple of squads to challenge 2 level. I'm already getting malak/sith empire as one for this and other reasons, but are there any thoughts on what squads would be most efficient?

My 501st clones are all r2-r7 but still seem to struggle in imperial might.
Happy to look at imps for rebel roundup and ewoks one. Could look to farm dark t and gid alongside veers stark piett snow range. Or would finishing shore help?
Nightsisters would help for gac and hstr, but secrets and shadows 2 looks hard still?
My cls is g12, c3p0 r2, r2d2 g12, han chewie both g11. Chewpio is 3*. Should I look to rebels or is non-bad batch clones possible for imp might?
I'm nowhere near jml so jedi would be jkr and old republic/galactic Republic etc


  • Blubcop
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    Fives lead 501st with Chewbacca can win tier 2, but it may take some tries
  • for the rebel roundup and imperial might, you need piett, otherwise it won't work
  • Hortus
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    For sole purpose of unlocking SLKR it will be faster to NOT spend relic mats on assault battle teams (i.e don't push toons higher than R1).

    Jedi CT2 battle is possible with G12 JKR team, the key point is good rng in the beginning, steal and spread protection buff from enemies with GMY (along with event buff), and trying to preload TM and cooldowns before next wave.

    For NS the only relic you need is R5 Daka with good health/tenacity mods. Some people on Reddit says they somehow do it without relic Daka having Spirit in the team but I don't have a clue how it works.

    Places of Power is doable with Palp lead without relics.

    Military might may be doable with G12-13 CLS team even without Chewpio but it may be pretty annoying.
  • crzydroid
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    Hortus wrote: »
    For sole purpose of unlocking SLKR it will be faster to NOT spend relic mats on assault battle teams (i.e don't push toons higher than R1).

    This I agree with. With the amount you get from ABs, it will take you about two years just to earn back the mats you spent on the team. You should only ever relic an AB team if you were going to anyway. It will be faster to straight farm for Kylo. Especially if you are behind on kyrotech--you do not want to go dropping 500 on an AB team that you can't use for your GL farm.
  • Rath_Tarr
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    You'll likely burn more signal data than you earn in the short term.
  • Thanks for the comments folks.
    As soon as I've got malak I will be focusing down on FO. They are all farmed so it's just gear. As they get into g13 and need less ds/ls/fleet energy (and when farming tickets), the idea is to prioritise teams who can support the signal data farm better. Got some ideas now
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