'Forgo Position-Rewards' Option in Guild raids.

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It's fairly common that for most low-mid GP guilds, there are a few members who carry the rest of the guild through raids. E.g. for Heroic Rancor, my guild have 3 players who consistently come 1st/2nd/3rd, every time.
Not a criticism - I guarantee we wouldn't finish the raid without them - but it seems (kind of) pointless for players who no longer need the rewards from the raid because they out-level it massively, to then get the rewards for first/second/third. In this case, I feel like an option to forgo those rewards - allowing, say, the person in 3rd to get the rewards for 1st place, and moving the players who fowent their rewards to the bottom of the reward-ladder - would be really beneficial for lower GP/Newer players.
Not sure if this would work in practice, but it just occurred to me and I thought it would be worth at least discussing.


  • If you can complete the raid without the guys who usually finish 1-3, ask one or more of them to sit out the raid every now and again.

    Problem solved without one single developer-hour expended.
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