Beginnner level 44, need advice on dark side team

Hi everyone!

I'm working on Phoenix squadron. I'm missing only Zeb. This squad is currently level 44 with gear level 5. I have noticed that beside concentrating on my Phoenix team I also need to put serious effort to my Dark Side team as I do need to push open Dark Side nodes too for mats farming.

So my question right now is what DS team should I be gunning for taking into account that my primary focus is on Phoenix team. My current DS team:
Kylo Ren (Unmasked), level 43 gear level 4 (2 star)
Moff Gideon, level 43 gear level 4 (3 star)
First Order Stormtrooper, level 43 gear level 4 (2 star)
Dark Trooper, level 43 gear level 5 (1 star)
TIE Fighter Pilot, level 43 gear level 4 (4 star)

Please advice something around these characters. Other DS characters I have currently unlocked but not trained:
Grand Moff Tarkin
Royal Guard
IG-86 Sentiner Droid

Thanks in advance!


  • Start farming Geo soldier and Spy, and eventually Sun fac. You will want these 3 as your pilots anyway at level 60. Then Nute gunray and Dooku are others to fill it out.

    Check out my thread guide on this page for more tips. Also try to find some high level allies that will help you clear those dark side nodes. There are threads for it and you can add me as well (click the link in my sig to find my ally code )
  • Waqui
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    In addition to those 3 geonosians you should also farm Tarkin which is usually the preferred first fleet Commander. I assume you'll buy Vader shards when you unlock fleet shop and unlock Palpatine and Thrawn as soon as possible. Those 4 + 1 empire character will form another great dark side team (which also unlocks R2D2).
  • At the risk of sounding redundant, no time like the present to start working on your Geos. They're a great team to have around. Nute or Dooku will make a decent leader for them until you have access to start farming Brood Alpha to take over.
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