GAC auto deploy defense failed

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This round a few of my guild members and me faced a fully empty defense on opponents side, which shouldn't be possible?
At least an auto-def should be set but in these cases all areas were completely empty.

I asked my opponent what happens with his defense. He said he wanted to let the game deploy the same as he used in round 1 but instead swgoh did nothing, and i got max. points for everything.

I knew this bug existed already as CG introduced the auto-def feature but thought it was solved a long time ago.

Just a warning to everyone out there for round 3 not to rely on the automatic system and better set defense manually until it is fixed again!
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  • Screenshot? I’m sure you’re not mistaken, but I’d love to see the scores.
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    There have been some reports of this before. You can add your case to Answers HQ if you wish.

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