Conquest sector 2 boss bugged?

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I have been trying the sector 2 boss battle a few times now, and kills MT and Daka only to have Daka revive when they use a basic attack. I know I need to kill MT first. So my kill order is MT x3 (for the zombie revivve) then Daka. And then I start working on AV. Then Spirit or AV use a basic and it spawn MT or Daka. And Daka will stay even though none of my toons dies. Then Daka revives MT and I have to do it all over again. Eventually my squad gets wittled down and I die.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
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  • I'm guessing that when MT comes back shortly because of a basic being used, it triggers the battle modifier, reviving any of her fallen allies. Is this WAI? I couldn't say.
  • Have to kill the leader first
  • Natgmn wrote: »
    Have to kill the leader first

    he did. there is a weird thing when 2 nightsisters get revived in 1 turn via basic and while talzin is there the other nightsister will stay revived despite no one dying. all because the modifier saw talzin alive for 0.1 seconds
  • I've come across this as well. My whole squad is alive. I've killed talzin twice then a 3rd time and she's dead. Kill Daka. They attack. No one on my team dies. Daka comes back then immediately revives Talzin. repeat over and over. Only way I got through it is with someone on the squad that prevents revives. it makes trying to get all the boss feats really hard.

    i don't know if it was like this a week ago. my guildmates that did all the feats as they were going didn't notice anything wrong but I finished the all the sectors and coming back for feats and am running into issues.
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