US Guild, EU friendly… 278M looking for 1

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278M GP
You have an opportunity to join The REKoning! We are a great guild and part of A Very Good Alliance Co. with solid active players. We ask for full participation in every game mode.

We want:
~ 6+M GP but can be negotiated lower depending on roster
~ KAM mission ready
~ Geo TB focused
~ 600 tickets a day

We win 60-75% of our TW matches. We have a vibrant discord community.

LS Geos: 18 Stars and 12+ KAM shards
DS Geos: 30 stars and +35 Wat shards

Raid Times:
Pit/HAAT: 3:00 PM EST//20:00 UTC
HSTR: 4:00 PM EST//21:00 UTC
CPIT: 4:00 PM EST//21:00 UTC

Guild Type: Competitive/active - 600 tickets/day, must be active in all guild activities.

We're needing active players in all aspects of the game.
This is a great place! You can contact me here or on Discord. Ilinso#2272
Are you ready for the challenge?!

Come talk with our officers and learn more.
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