Guilds for All Players! 375M, 347M, 287M, 272M, 223M, 189M, 176M, 111M, CPIT, New, Geo, + Hoth TBs!

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The Death Pits of Duur are looking for more gladiators to fight alongside us!
We are an alliance of eight guilds, operating as a single community and working together for the benefit of all our members! Check out our alliance page here:
The Jedii Always Win (JAW): 375M GP •32⭐️ DS Geo •26⭐️LS Geo •7 Mil+ GP For New Joiners •24 hour inactivity rule • 600 tickets • TBs and TWs Mandatory • Cpit on Farm • Will be doing the new TB instead of DS Geo • Discord Required
TheDarkSide (TDS): 347M GP • 31⭐️ DS Geo | 40+ Wat shards • 23⭐️ LS Geo | 16+ KAM shards • 6mil+ GP for new joiners • 600 tickets daily, min 525 weekly average • TBs 100% participation expected •TW optional but full participation expected if you join • CPit on Farm •Will be doing the new TB instead of DS Geo • Discord required
Alderaanian Souls (AS): 287M GP •Laid back, casual guild for higher level players that want a relaxed playing experience •3.5m GP to join •TB required •TW optional, but if you join you must participate •12⭐️ LS Geo •24⭐️ DS Geo, 25+ Wat shards •Heroics on farm •Currently clearing >50% of p2 cpit •7 day inactivity kick
Anakins Daycare (AD): 272M GP • 24⭐️ DS Geo | 20 Wat shards • 11⭐️ LS Geo • 3M+ for new joiners • All raids on farm except CPit which is being worked on • We are laid-back but like to play the game!
True Covenant (TC): 223M GP •1.5M+ GP for new joiners • TW and TB participation is preferred • 22⭐️ LS Hoth •4⭐️ DS Geo • 14 day inactivity rule
Jakkululu (Jak): 189M GP •12⭐️ DS Geo, 6⭐️ LS Geo, 35⭐️ LS Hoth• 1mil+ GP for new joiners • 4 day inactivity rule • TBs and TWs 100% Participation • Discord preferred
The Secondhand Scoundrels (SHS): 176M GP • 2.5mil+ GP for new joiners • 7 day inactivity rule • TBs and TWs – participation required •3⭐️ LS Geo •26⭐️ LS Hoth •33⭐️ DS Hoth
TeamBuilding (TB): 111M GP •Level 85 and 700k+ GP •18⭐️ LS Hoth •17⭐️ DS Hoth •9+ ROLO shards •Looking for active players to grow with! •TW and TB participation is required •9-2 TW win rate so far! •500 tickets a day min, 600 preferred •All Heroic Raids! •Discord mandatory for guild communication
If you are interested, you can reach out to me in game @ 327-268-535 or you can join our discord @ to answer any of your questions and concerns! All requirements are flexible for strong rosters and all guilds have the promise of upward mobility once your account is ready! We are open to single players, groups, or mergers to help grow the alliance! Thanks for reading, I hope to welcome you to the Death Pits soon!
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