Bought the Hyperdrive Bundle and I’m overwhelmed and looking for guidance

So I got to level 50 and after reading through a ton of posts here and and on Reddit, I bought the level 85 boost.

There’s so many new systems, heroes and mechanics unlocked, I just don’t know what to do.

Before I waste any materials upgrading the wrong ships or heroes, what should I focus on first? What’s the optimal route for me to take?


P.S. if anyone has room for me in a guild, my ally code is: 425-162-757

The one I am in now is fairly dead =\


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    As someone with multiple accounts, all of which have gotten the Hyperdrive bundle, I can offer some basic insight.

    First place to begin is with your legendaries and prerequisites: CLS, Emperor Palpatine, R2D2, GA Thrawn, and so forth. Go through your newly granted toons, and sort them into squads in your squad tab into which team unlocks which legendary, if not already done. Then take them one by one to unlock. I'd start with Palpatine and Thrawn. Then move to R2D2, then CLS, and then move on to Chewbacca and C3PO. After that, you can go for Padme and ultimately make your way to GAS. Get the prerequisite teams to level 85. I think the bundle only takes them to level 80. Be careful how high you gear them, though. The only ones you should be taking to relics, are the legendaries and any toons required for a GL. Any others, keep below G12 for now.

    Going for your legendaries from the get go should give you a solid base of teams to use in Grand Arena.

    Second thing to work on are your mods. This is the weakness of the hyperdrive bundle. Phenomenal boost in toons and gear, itty bitty boost towards mods. You'll need good mods for all these teams you're putting together. So, start working on building your mod base right away.

    Once you've gotten those two established and going, start making progress to your first GL. Simply pick one and start working towards it. SEE, SLKR, or Rey are good options to begin with for your first GL given that the requirements are generally easy to complete compared to the others.

    Good luck
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