Which teams would get dramatically more powerful if SWGoH had been made 6v6 not 5v5?

From the beginning of the game i always thought the extra slot was so odd (obv now they filled it with datacrons now and it carries allies in nodes) and wondered which teams would get way better with a 6th.

not like JMK or something where he would be marginally better by of course having more members, i mean like improves drastically, whether that’s D tier to C tier, or A tier to S.

phoenix would improve a little with sabine helping their dmg, obv still a pretty bad team after initial game.

LV could stack tanks as well as have maul and that could be crazy for mastery gain.

grievous droids could bring full team with nute and BB8 which would be a huge increase, or just another droid for him to leech off.

ewoks TM train would get much more reliable with a 6th and i think would be hard to stop if they got rolling.

star killer could double up, having vader and palp to smash ult super early.

any better thoughts?


  • Do you have a 7th slot for allies or not? If not Rebel Fighters, 501st and Geos really suffer.

    Like you I was also thinking GG droids. I guess a lot of the teams where you have 2 or more good 5th options; like Sith Empire maybe? Imp troopers also I guess.

    The big one though, must be Bounty Hunters. 6 toons to get the contract.......OP!
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