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As a newer player (around 600k) I don’t see this advice very often. Farm a good bounty hunter team. They are used for so many events. Credit heist, rebel roundup, galactic bounties etc. Not to mention many of their ships are needed for various better ships and can be used to get zetas from ship challenges later on. I had such a credit problem until I was able to complete credit heist at the max level.


  • It's a known thing to get BH for the credit heist (and other an Omega battle I think). All the ships are essential for the current meta. Plus you need BH for Chewie.

    There are some issues with BH though.

    Firstly, they're pretty hard. If you don't get to the contract quickly, they'll get out run by turn meter trains.

    Secondly, not only do you have to be fast. You need to be fast in the 'exact' right order. The fact there are various BH and you may want to swap the squads around.....makes modding them a frigging nightmare. And that to get the speeds right, they need to be of a similar level. This is especially difficult for newer players.

    Another point is, where you can sort of put teams in 'tiers'. That's a little bit difficult with BH. They're kind of a 'joker' team. Break glass in such a such situation and use. I don't think they make a very good 'core' team.

    That said, you can never have enough money. If you have excess that generally goes to modding. So, maximizing your Credit Heist is a great thing!
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    Let me dispell some concerns regarding Bounty Hunters. They were my first faction that I really got involved with and dedicated myself to learn. My account is over 6Mill GP and Bounty Hunters are my strongest faction.

    Yes, they all have contracts and leads, and you need to activate their contracts quickly in order to gain all the bonuses. However, there are work arounds to this.

    First, you're not going to be using every single bounty hunter lead. Boba Fett is a perfect example. He was the OG plug and play character before Thrawn came out. He can easily slip into a great number of dark side teams where you need to get around a persistent taunt, or if you need a chance to mass ability block, or take down pesky toons who keep reviving. He brings a lot to the table. His leadership isn't too bad, albeit a bit dated with bonuses to crit damage and chance as well as speed and max health boost. His contract bonus is quite good with a +50 to speed and a bonus to defense penetration. However, triggering it takes a bit of work in that you need to kill the first enemy who took a turn. If you're good enough to where they don't take a turn, or the one who takes a turn is waaay too beefy, or if the one who took a turn is killed by a DoT or thermal, guess what? You miss your chance. There are places where Boba Fett's lead works very well, but there are leads that are better. When you choose your BH lead, you look at the contract and how easy it is to pull off. Mando has an easy contract to pull off, so does Jango, Bossk, Dengar, and Aurra Sing. However, depending on the team I'm going against, I'm going to be careful with who I use for the lead. That's the beauty of Bounty HUnters. You can tailor your team for the specific enemy.

    Second is the versatility of Bounty Hunters. You're core team is going to consist in some form or fashion: Bossk, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Greef Karga, Mando, and fennic shand. There are others you'll want to use on various occasions, such as Aurra Sing, Dengar, Embo, Cad Bane, and the others. If I'm going up against a Darth Revan team, I'll want to use Bossk lead. However, verses Jedi Knight Revan, my first choice is Mando. Against Nightsisters, I might consider Dengar lead. It all varies. Also, there are going to be contracts and leads you may never use. I don't think I have EVER used Greedo's lead ... not once.

    Third, modding isn't as tough as some make it out to be for Bounty Hunters. All else fails, go for speed and crit chance or crit damage and crit chance. You want as high speed as possible. Nothing is worse than a slow bounty hunter. Some bounty hunters will need to be more durable, such as Bossk and Krrstantan. Carga also benefits from being durable as well so he can keep the team healed.

    Fourth, tactics ... your first priority is to pull off the contract. One of the easiest is a team with Bossk lead, Shand, and Mando. The other two I usually Boba Fett and Carga. Target the one with the lowest health with mando, use his special to call shand in for an attack, and she hits 5 times on her basic. Depending on the enemy team and if there are any taunters, you can pull off Bossk's contract very fast, especially with a high speed shand and mando.
  • Hi just starting playing this game but seems like the server I’m in is old as players in arena are level 85 already. When do new servers start where everyone on arena is same level
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