Arena power meter inconsistence

In arena screen(where I can find choose who opponent I want to fight), on the top I can see that I have 8716 power. A fellow guildmate, while searching for an opponent he saw my name in his suggested opponents and saw that I have 5900 power. I believe that the 8716 power which I am able to see is wrong, because I fight opponents at 6k range and they have similar gear with me.

Is this a visual bug or am I missing something?


  • Lol bro power meter is completely broken - i have 17k power droid team and losing on arena to 11k power jedi team. It's ok, you will learn to dont look at it at all.
  • It's bugged. I saw a guy with chars similar to my chars but health was like 1-3 bars more than mine his power was a bit less than mine. And his level was 6 more than me, 4 more than anyone else in top 100. So yeah.
  • Thanks for the info.
    So we don't have any clue what team are we fighting except the opponents Leader.
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