what should I use shards on

Hi. I want to save my shards to buy the pack that costs 2.5 shards. Is it worth it or should I spend it on other stuff....I really don't know if it's worth it...thank you


  • Sorry 2.5k shards that major pack...should I buy it or no
  • It costs 2.5k crystals, not shards.

    There are tons of threads on this but just consider the purchase to be a lottery ticket and don't be upset if you get junk.

    You can also use the crystals for more relabel grinding for gear or hero shards.
  • There isn't a right answer honestly. Would I drop 2.5k on a chrono pack as a new player? Absolutely. Just don't be a rere like me and continue chain buying the packs. Try your luck...you may hit the jackpot and gain game changing characters or as Cpt Dan said you may get nothing. So be prepared.
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