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Dear all,

I had this qn and issue floating in my mind for a few days and I hope some of y'all can help me with it. The thing is, currently , my DAKA is about 15 shards from 6* and I will continue to farm it till it reaches 6*, however, should I continue to farm another 100 shards of her to bring her up to 7*?

Or should I invest my Cantina tokens in getting Poe shards instead???

I currently also have a 3* Poe untouched , and I know Poe will be a great help in my Arena and GW.

I hope the Veterans out there can give some advise and help!

Thank you for your kind attention,



  • I'm not a veteran, but from what I read on the forum you should Max out Daka first. She is fast, a good stun and a revive (but you already knew that. Apparently Poe is falling off with the 70 level cap, and Daka is good now for GW and Arena. Of course this is what I read and I'd like a real veteran to answer. Hope I helped at least a bit.
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  • This situation depends on you, do you want a step further in PvP or PvE?

    Poe is frequently being used for PvP (Arena)

    Old Daka is the only reliable healer / stunner for Dark Side missions currently.
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    Poe will get you into the top of your Arena, assuming near equal player level and max gear - until you start encountering other Poes. At that point the rest of your team is critical to be top end as well.

    Daka will help you out a lot in GW. Doing well in GW is more benificial then doing well in Arena. A 4* Daka is sufficient for Darkside missions, so simply unlocking and leveling her is all that is necessary.

    As for synergy of your team composition, Poe works on any team, where Daka is unlikely to survive to take her turn at all. However, with the right synergies, Daka could be a nightmare. I like to run her with a Phasma leader, Poggle, Geoneasian Soldier, and IG-86. The number of times she's called in as the assisting ally is crazy, and with her powered out on gear, she is often successful with stuns. Toss Poe in with this team, and you will be breaking the top teams on your server.
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  • I'm running my Daka to 7* right now. When I started Cantina, you quickly discover that you can only farm one at a time so it's ride or die...
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    Hmmm alright , thanks for all of your valuable input, I think I'll just stick to farming DAKA to 7* then! Grind and grind! :)

    Haha it's nice to see experienced players being helpful in the forum! A plus point to carry on the game despite facing setbacks after the update!

    Sorry to sidetrack, but is it true Dooku is actually available now in Cantina? :open_mouth:
  • Start getting Poe. He will be used in Arena even at level80 cap.
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