Mods for FOTP

After months of farming, Im about to get FOTP actually useful. I'm wondering what mods I should slap on him.
Thanks in advance


  • TMK
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    CD and Potency, CC or Health. Doesn't really matter. CD set is what matters.

    That's all.
  • Crit damage and pretty much anything else, I'd personally do speed
  • medetec
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    the same as basically every character, as much speed as you can get . Then crit damage, then crit chance.
  • Durrun
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    Offense --- Speed
    Defense --- Crit Dmg
    Prot --- Offense for raw dmg or use Prot

    Set must be crit dmg and try to get chance too... Speed secondaries are always important.

    Mine hits 10k basic and 19k special but he's specced raw damage with 70-110 offense on Every mod
  • Awesome thanks guys.
    Im getting close to getting my jawa squad up to speed for crit dam mods. Guess ol FOTP will have to wait another week to get used.
  • he is so squishy, you will need as much speed as you can get for him to even go before he's dead especially with so many AOE teams and Wiggs teams that can take out a character in one blow
  • Durrun
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    All very good points.. In counter argument


  • LMAO
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