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Hi all

Mods Explained

Grey - Rank 1-2 (E = Grey)
Green - Rank 3-5 (D = Green)
Blue - Rank 6-8 (C = Blue)
Purple - Rank 9-11 (B = Purple)
Gold - Rank 12-15 (A = Gold)

Grey - Primary Mod Only
Green - Primary +1 Secondary
Blue - Primary +2 Secondary
Purple - Primary +3 Secondary
Gold - Primary +4 Secondary

1 Dot - Tier 1 (MkI)
2 Dot - Tier 2 (MkII)
3 Dot - Tier 3 (MkIII)
4 Dot - Tier 4 (MkIV)
5 Dot - Tier 5 (MkV)

How Tiers affect mods example;

Tier 1 Primary stat at max Rank (15) = 1.88% boost (Different Primary, different stats)
Tier 2 Primary stat at max Rank (15) = 2.00% boost (Different Primary, different stats)

- Primarys attributes have fixed values

- Secondarys have lower random values

Based on this type of system you could
Potentially boost a hero to a great degree but it could take a long time to find/make "perfect" mods.

Mods Set Bonuses

You have 2 set and 4 set bonuses.

Example, SPEED has a 4 set bonus, so having 6 speed mods lowers your maximization.

-but- Potentialy you could go with say 3x2 set bonuses such as CRIT.

So 3x CRIT set bonuses would increase base CRITICAL chance by 15% (3x5%)

It would be best to for example go with a 4 set bonus from SPEED and then use a 2 set bonus such as CRITICAL chance to give you that extra set bonus, unless you want to run with 3x2 set bonuses.

Best would be to use Mods that compliment the Hero being moded to compliment the team you are building and also considering Leader Boosts, want a super high health Jedi team or a high speed Night Sister team?

To make a Jedi high health team the leader must be Barriss Offee

To make a Night Sister speed team the leader must be Asajj Ventress

These are just some examples, anyway i hope this MOD explanation helped.

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    This is an awesome post, thank you!
  • How about the letter ranks? I.e. what's the difference between a Mk I-C and a Mk 1-A?
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    Rdunph wrote: »
    How about the letter ranks? I.e. what's the difference between a Mk I-C and a Mk 1-A?

    I edited orginal post to reflect it :)

    A = Gold
    B = Purple
    C = Blue
    D = Green
    E = Grey

    MkI = 1 Dot
    MkII = 2 Dots
    MkIII = 3 Dots
    MkIV = 4 Dots
    MkV = 5 Dots

    So MkI-C = 1 Dot Blue Mod
    And MkI-A = 1 Dot Gold Mod

    I hope thay helps. Sorry i used slightly different terms.. :)

  • The letter ranks refer to the level of the mod, all mods get the same four slots for secondary attributes, however the bonus comes in if you get a mod, regardless of dot, or star, that is an A. It shows all the bonuses, and when you level the mod up the secondaries also increase. Conversely if you get a grey, or E mod all you know is the primary and the secondaries simply unlock at a set value.
  • Ie a B mod shows three secondaries that will level up, a C mod shows two, etc.
  • Do the secondary stats increase as you level a mod out are they fixed?
  • Never mind, figured it out.
  • So the mods that are in parentheses, does that add up with the health thats already there? So 32000 health and then (10,000) health feom mods. Do those two add up?
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