Events Mixup?

So Yoda's event just ended today, witch means emperors should be next..... but it's not. Yoda's event is happening AGAIN in 20 days. What the heck, that's 2 months with no emperor. I just got done readying my rebels because the newsletter said that they we're going to take turns with the events but that's clearly not the case if Yoda is going again. I hope this is just a glitch or whatever because I don't want to wait another month or who knows how long for palpatine??! Thoughts from the community?


  • Totally agree! This is exactly why I came to the website to try to find answers. I've been powering up my Rebels for over a month getting ready for the next Palpatine event only to be disappointed with another Yoda event for like the 2nd or 3rd time in a row... hope it's just a glitch and EA fixes it soon!
  • MartisGuntir
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    Same here. I'd started getting rebels in anticipation of the Palpetine event since the announcement that they'd be alternating, but was disappointed when the Yoda event showed up again.
  • golgoth86
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    +1 !!!

    Let's hope they've been mistaken for Palpatine event... An answer plse !! We had Yoda's for too long now. Everybody's been waitin for it.
    Sure @CG_Kozispoon will find a solution ;)
  • Bumping this, they should address it. This official, stickied post still says it should be the EP event. I feel a community manager should really address this.
  • Any update on this? I'm still grinding rebels but I'm getting a little concerned now
  • I don't know how this hasn't been addressed yet. I'm sure it's throwing off a huge portion of the player base (including me). The events in the game should have continuity with the official posts. I'm a phone dev for a living... this is a simple bug... easily fixable.

    EA please listen to us posting on the feedback forum, at least post something to acknowledge us and this issue. I have been watching this post for days now and I feel none of these people deserve to be ignored. It takes a lot of time, money, and planning to get ready for these events, and at the least people should be sure about which event it is.

  • Yeah I do spend money on this game so it would be nice to get an answer asap so I can work on the correct toons
  • EA tells you one thing and then does the exact opposite with the Emp Event. Then when people bring it up ... dead silence.
  • Yeah I'm going to keep numbing this just to get some clarity, it's not a big deal, is it yoda or palpatine event? So I can prepare the right team.

    I dunno why they won't answer?
  • It's seems they have a lot of time for quality of life oddities and little time for responses to the people who actually play. Makes me wonder if some of the forum posting is automated. Makes me wonder why there's even a feedback forum... ignored...
  • I'm going to assume it's going to be a yoda event at this point?
  • Apparently they have addressed this and it is just a broken timer and the next event will be emperors demise as planned
  • Awesome! Thank you for the clarity!
  • YAAS! It's been updated! The Emperor's Demise is back! :) so happy I kept powering up my rebel team now lol
  • Thank you EA! Yoda'a event spam spree is at last over!
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