Noob needs help!!

Hi, I'm a noob, iv been playing for just over a month and I'm doing pretty well,(I think...) anyway I need help setting up a team I need a good attack but I don't know which one fits my team so here's a list of my heroes:
Chewbacca 5*
Jedi Consular 5*
Luminara unduli 5*
CT-5555 "fives" 4*
Old daka 4*
Talia 4*
Sidius 4*
Jawa 3*
Ewok scout 1*
Snowtrooper 1*
Biggs 2*
Royal guard 1*
IG-86 1*
Resistance trooper 2*
Clone sergeant 2*
Btw I am level 54, need tips for build a good all around team for wars and stuff any tip welcome


  • Spend some time reading up on pros/cons. Hardly anyone will post something here you can't find with the search bar. I don't mean for that to sound snarky, but all this info is readily available.

    Most importantly, make a plan a stick with it. Spend crystals on refreshing energy and don't spread your resources too thin!
  • It's just a little hard for me as my computers broke and my internet its on and off so any tips would be nice
  • Sid, Daka, Lumi, Jc, and Talia will take you through. Sub out daka or Talia for a damage dealer or tank depending on the scenario for chewy or like Geo soldier, it is easy to get shards from the cantina and at the right gear level they should walk you through.

    I heard somewhere that if you level up your heroes to more stars it up the difficulty.

    Hope that helps.
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