Zeta question



  • ZVader isn't as good as ZMaul in arena
  • And Tom Baker will always be Dr Who for me - talk about showing my age!! I did love Matt Smith though, I really didn't think he was going to work to begin with but he really proved me wrong.

    Smith dangling out of a Tardis as it crashed into...feels like it should be London, but I don't remember if that's accurate...was the first episode I watched through. So he's The Doctor for me. Haven't seen much of the old ones, though.
  • Follow warmonkey's advice. Zader is fun to play in the raids but I fell rapidly in the arena. Unless you have Godspeed mods it won't be consistent. I zeta' d maul as well and have no regrets. Never leave the top 5. Rarely leave number 1, although I'm on a newer august shard.
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