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*Resist/Evade* What a waste of an attack. I can't remember the last time it actually did anything.


  • mutimloh
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    It's only decent if the enemy has a lot of debuffs and buffs; the multiple debuffs means you get a free turn after you use it to dispel the buffs. It's very situational and rarely ever used (if player controlled). I only ever use it to remove a taunt who has a couple of debuffs already; it's a free turn to dispel the taunt.
  • Durango
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    Like Mutimloh said, it's a decent taunt remover. I run a team heavily based on target lock, so enemy taunter is nealy always target locked. You remove taunt like Fives or Asokha could do it, except you remove turn meter and gain some yourself.

    It's not stellar but it can still be situational.

    Also, I had once the AI putting a taunt on Imperial Tie Fighter. Removing that taunt and putting evasion down on him was pretty satisfying.
  • Usually if they have multiple debuffs, then Wedge will take them out before Vader even gets to them lol.
  • mutimloh
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    Usually if they have multiple debuffs, then Wedge will take them out before Vader even gets to them lol.

    If you're using a target lock fleet, you usually want Biggs, JC, Tie Fighter/FO Tie/Fives with your Vader. No room for Wedge.
  • I find the skill very useful. I go up against several people that use Maul ship, either as starting or as reinforcement, to come in and place retribution on a ship and stealth all others. It can be a pain to attack a target, get attacked back every time, and they gain shield as you do it...
  • It's good IMO - the enemy has to have some type of debuff for it to work and it's an excellent taunt remover.

    If Biggs is taunting but has target lock and ability block maybe a DoT, then Vader dispells his buffs and gains TM for every DoT, so he can basically go twice. It's saved my butt more than a few times.
  • Random question - is there going to be another TIE advanced event anytime soon? Wasn't sure if it was on the calendar
  • Doubt it... If anything, it's been around for a while, just not obtainable really unless you whale those shard packs. I can see it going into rotation soon, or at least be available as a fleet chromium or something.

    I could use the shards too though - only 4* right now...
  • WompWompRat
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    yeah i'm at 19/65 need 46 more to get to 5* but honestly i did not think that tie attack pack was worth the $$ after the first buy
  • Yeah, I bought one pack because it was a win/win for me. Vader maxed out, Shore and Death Trooper both high leveled and geared... I couldn't lose either way.

    That pack is gone now though... I noticed it was missing yesterday.
  • Yeah RIP, but honestly my $$ was spent on DN anyway so wasn't gonna buy it to get to 5*. At top of fleet shard anyway so it's now just hoarding credits to build that final dark side and light side ship to get the final tarkin event and the zeta run
  • djvita
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    vader's ship has 0% potency. there is your answer for resisted

  • Yes, they probably thought it doesn't need potency because the primary always hits. But still a strange decision because it makes half of what the crew ability does mostly useless.
  • Hmm..I guess I need to play more passive with it. Though, I'd much rather prevent a ship from doing said action that requires an ability block/buff remover.
  • Bhaalor
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    djvita wrote: »
    vader's ship has 0% potency. there is your answer for resisted

    I went to swgoh.gg to check before calling ****. Much to my surprise you are 100% correct. It was a major "what?!" moment for me.

    The 500 crystal boon put me over the limit and I was able to buy the pack, go the Tie Advance I am sooo happy with that ship.
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