Resistance pilot and resistance trooper.

How are they. IG 86 us done so for hard battles and GW I got nothing to go for. So I was thinking about my next team comp. And pilots seem to get all the damage. So how is he?


  • How you are going to farm resistance trooper? Farming Rey is a quicker task...)
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    Pilot has the higher single target basic damage, not counting chances go double attack and such, according to swgoh cantina. He also has good self-protection with foresight and extra turn meter on crits. Pretty good.
    Trooper is Hard to farm sadly
  • I love my RP. He's 5* gear VIII right now and regularly crits for 7k (with poggles buff). I was pushing to get him 7* ASAP, but have to move back to Lumi now for the jedi challenges.

  • Meter gain processes often enough that he cuts ahead in line quite a bit. He also crits a lot and that increases as you ability him up, especially with Sid leader. He hits harder than a 7* Sid at only 4*. He's still a little squishy but we'll see what 7* brings. Ask me in a couple of weeks but right now I'm happy and he's already an early GW attacker for me.
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