UK based Indiana's rancor raiders are recruiting and everyone's welcome

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I co-founded a guild previously however i left it recently due to a personal disagreement with the leader/friend. We were completeing tier 6 rancor raids in 2 days and the normal tank takedown within about a week. I am now recruiting for my new guild, the Indiana's rancor raiders. I am looking for active, helpful players of any level who wish to improve and I am happy to lend my advice to anyone needing it. This game demands alot of people's time and being in a guild can swallow even more of that but it can make the place more enjoyable and fun whilst providing excellent rewards. I try to let everyone have a say with the direction the guild is going by employing a democratic vote based system for raid tiers and other major decisions to ensure that everyone has an equal say within the guild and the directions it is heading. Helpful and active players are rewarded via the promotion system. There is currently no raid ticket requirement and wont be for the foreseeable future however that may change after we bolster in numbers and strengthen as a unit

My name: Wes Terallo
My ally number: 983- 259- 918
Guild name: indiana's rancor raiders
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  • We are looking for active players we have guild of 18 members about to get 10 more from another guild would you consider merger
  • We had similar issues as you hence why our new guild was formed we are all veterans lv 85 player's
  • We share leadship role in our guild so the officer can share the burden of leader
  • We share leader roles with officers so everyone shares the burden we are lv 85 players
  • Nthings
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    Two Guilds to choose from in the Capital brand.
    You must be guild free to join or send ally requests.

    looking for members lvl 80 +
    Leader : Oromis 181-438-454 GalacticCommander 361-479-117
    T7 Pit
    Normal Tank.. almost HAAT

    looking for players lvl 50+ who will be active and get their 600 tickets.
    Leader : Ėmpreşş 378-795-146
    Dųkę 685-483-925
    T6 Pit
    Normal Tank
  • I think that's the best guild name! If you decide not to be a leader, feel free to contact me. I have 8-10 spots available for daily active players. We're casual,friendly and help each other in any way we can. Good luck
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