Looking for ship shardmates / Barf, Krallenkrote, TheBinder 66, Dudester 66, Angus McBeef

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I've create a chat room on discord. if guys in the same shard would like to join our group, please contact me. Thank you :smile:

Revenge Kill
TheBinder 66
Dudester 66
Angus McBeef
Tree 66
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  • @RevengeKill I'm in your ship shard. Hover around 100, so nowhere close to you, but I found this post and would like to join the chat. Send me a discord link when you have a chance.
  • @deejaydeez welcome man :smile:
  • @RevengeKill A guildmate told me about this post. But I have too many chat apps on my phone already. Let me know if you also use LINE. My payout time is US pacific time. What's your payout time? I would like to avoid hitting people before their payout time.
  • RevengeKill
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    @OG_Tree Hi! I think you are Tree 66, right? I'm sorry that I don't use LINE. Not sure that US pacific time is UTC-7?
    I'll post payout times of the mates I know below.
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    Time Zone : Name
    UTC+8 : iZen / Revenge Kill
    UTC-2 : Krallenkröte / Raik Turno / Kyle Katarn
    UTC-5 : Havoc57
    UTC-6 : deejaydeez / Faff
    UTC-7 : ìN Naryax / ìN Bearmace / ìN Barium Stargirion
    UTC-8 : Tree 66
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  • Thanks @RevengeKill I am positive that Naryax's payout time is 1 hour before mine.
  • Okay. Then you must be at UTC-8. I've corrected the table. :smile:
  • Hey fellas. I'm in the shard too I'm est. I just decided to give ships a try today. I'll try to stay top 10 or 20. Nice to meet you all
  • @Havoc57 Hi, sorry for the late response. Nice to meet you!
    I think est should be UTC-5. Let me add into the table.
    Do you use Discord? I have started a chat room there.
  • Havoc57
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    No I don't use discord anymore. But no worries I gave up on ships already. I don't have the drive to stay up top. I thought I would but I was wrong
  • I see... you can join the group anytime you want. There are not only players on top are in the group, also some around 100.
  • Hi folks i am a bit late on here but was just finding this thread. i have also contacts to Raik Turno and Kyle Katarn of our ship shard. you can contact me via discord Krallenkröte#8663.

    Me and the other two guys have payout at 20PM (daylight savings, in winter 19PM) CET, that should be UTC-2
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  • @Narkosekröte It's great to reach you finally! I've sent friend request on Discord.
  • Dass
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    Could i join you guys?
  • @Dass of course! What's your IGN? Also Dass?
  • Dass
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    My name in game,is ikki
    Do you have a discord channel?
  • Dass
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    My ships payout,is at 20h,GMT+1
  • AngusMcBeef
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    Hey All! One of my guildmates also just told me about this, otherwise I would have responded earlier. It's really cool that you are doing this, count me in! My time is 8pmCST/3pmGMT/UTC+5. Looking forward to working with ya!
    *Will go by above timeline layouts until I talk to you again..
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  • R2D
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    You guys mind if I join the shard chat? Makes payouts less chaotic.
  • Mihai29
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  • Varlie
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    I'm interested in joining as well. My payout is at UTC-5

    Ign is Krel Varlie
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  • I would, but I am on the line app instead. Sorry.
  • A correction to your time zones, Barium and I are UTC-5 (or -4 for daylight savings). Eastern US Time Zone.
  • Binder dudester, do you guys know a lutz 66?
  • RFD
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    Bearmace wrote: »
    A correction to your time zones, Barium and I are UTC-5 (or -4 for daylight savings). Eastern US Time Zone.

    @Bearmace I'm UTC -7 same as IN-Naryax, please pass on to him I will rotate 1st and 2nd daily with him, thank you kind sir I hope you are well

    discord RFD#1770

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  • @RevengeKill what’s the discord?
  • Hi I am trying to get in touch with your guildmate Jason Corleone. We are trying to get him to join our fleet arena discord server. Can you put him in touch with me? Thanks.
  • Please invite me in discord, i'm in the same shard arena i think. @Douglas Mortimer#2735
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