Event Idea: Girls' Night

So a little while ago I started a thread on the events board in which I proposed the idea of some kind of activity based on organizing a team of female characters. I've been tossing around some ideas with a few other people, but one user by the name of @MasterSeedy provided an interesting concept I'd like to share here.

One thing we realized was that there could be some interesting potential to themed Galactic War events, and @MasterSeedy came up with the idea of doing it not as an event, but as a Galactic War Campaign, a mode that would lend itself more readily to being a "Girls' Night" in the literal sense. Here's our concept...

At a particular date, around 6:00 PM (relative to each time zone) the activity begins. Presumably there'd be some announcements or something to give you notice but at 6:00 Galactic War is set to this new event (those who do not wish to participate can run a standard GW campaign before that window).

During this time, each player is restricted to the female characters they have unlocked so far, and opposing squads are also all-female. Upon completing battles, players can receive shards for different female characters who have appeared in the game, especially hard to get ones (I.E. Sith Assassin) with a brand new character to be introduced upon completing the final node.


  • We already had an event like this early in the games life but it was an actual multi day event and not a themed GW run.

    Still was pretty fun
  • We know, but we think the "themed GW" event would be a great way to make GW more interesting by giving it a little variety once per week and also to provide a more consistent emphasis on the women heroes in the game.
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