All you Top 10 players...

I'm relatively new to the game and I'd like to ask the players that are in the Arena Top 10 a couple quick questions - Do you NEED to spend crystals to break the Top 10 or just a solid team? If I want to make a deep run in Arena should I save up some crystals? I'm sure it also depends on the server (old or new).

Thanks in advance for any responses.


  • Spend crystals and solid team.

    For me its spend 50 crystals, get 200 more in rewards. So 150 net crystals, its a great return, once you have a competitive team
  • Can't. Be answered..It depends on where you start and how your server stands.

    Just know that defending is a LOT easier from the top.
  • Thanks for the replies. I didn't think of it as an investment. I'll keep working on my team.
  • I just cracked top 10 (only breifly, but still have 3 attacks left) today. I never spend crystals on arena refreshes. Only thing I spend crystals on are energy refreshes.
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    I've been there a few times, #6. Question, what is on your top 10 board? What is their player level, what characters and how many stars? I remember feeling amazed
    At being in the top 1000, then top 200, 100 and then steadily progressing past that. I have bought crystal packs though. A SWGOH FTP YouTube'r with good advice for toon choices is tiny grimes games.
  • It varries to be honest. My top 25 is very active and all very strong so it depends on the day. Some days spend 50, or 100, others none.

    My thing is I keep myself top 10 most always. If I get sniped out I fight back in.
  • Lol - I'm an an "older" server. Even at level 69 with several 7* toons and 25k power, I have to battle just to stay in the top 100. No Poe :'( Occasionally, I'll snipe into the top 50, but that's becoming less and less common.
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  • dkredsox wrote: »
    I just cracked top 10 (only breifly, but still have 3 attacks left) today. I never spend crystals on arena refreshes. Only thing I spend crystals on are energy refreshes.

    I spend crystals on energy refresh, also. Its obviously an individual choice and the best choice isbfor each person to decide, but...
    I find that the 50 crystals i spend on arena everyday (sometimes i finish top 3 without needing to refresh, but usually not) are the best 50 crystals for two reasons:
    1. Pvp Arena is fun! I think its a major flaw in the game that arena isnt free in the first place. If i am wanting fun ill sometimes even refresh my battles when im rank 1 to play the rank 2-4 teams.
    2. There is a huge return if you end up rank 11-20 at 4:45 local time after 5 free battles. This is most days my situation. At 4:45 i get 5 more battles for 50 crystals and retake rank 1-2 getting about 200-250 more crystals at 6:00 than id have gotten if i didnt spend crystals. That is not to mention the extra arena tokens and small amount of credits.
  • JoshG
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    I finish top five every day and never use any refreshes. Fairly young server, most ppl (including myself) around lvl 65, but a handful of 70s.
  • Well I started playing on November 24. I place top 5 daily. And as of the last 2 weeks I never need to use an arena refresh. I just wait til about 4:30. This gives me 1.5 hours to make 5 attacks before the arena rewards proc. So my answer to the question is a strong team. Now to go from rank 10,000 down to the top 10 u may need some refreshes. Especially from rank 200 down to top 10. But once you are there a strong team holds me under rank 35 at all times. A weak team on the other hand and you will drop to 80-100. Also at this time power level scares the enemy. Almost everyone would rather fight a 25k over a 27.5k power team. Up until the point where u memorize your brackets players team comps. Hope this helps.
  • Doga
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    OMG, I'm still a nueb, just realized from above I could buy 5 more battles for 50 credits... Top 10 again!!!! Lol
  • l3end3r
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    Just a solid team and maybe one refresh to get top 5. I usually refresh once per day to get #1 or 2 instead of #8ish. But you get like an extra 2 or 300 crystals, so it's worth the 50

    Before I was top 5, I would only refresh if I thought i was guaranteed to move up a bracket and make the 50 crystals back
  • I rarely refresh for arena, finish top 10 all the time and top 5 half the time. I usually only fall to low teens overnight. Usually start the attacks mid afternoon with the last 2 attacks starting around 5:45
  • All you need is Poe and 4 random purple geared characters.
  • Never refreshed. I have worked my way up to a consistent top 10 finish. Patience and a good team will work well. Ironically, fighting from top 200 to top 30 is the hardest. Staying up there once you've broken in consistently is fairly easy.
  • It all depends on how fast you want to get there. If you want to get there quicker, you have to spend crystals. If you don't care about how long it takes, there are farmable heroes that will get you into the top 10.
  • Rank 1 everyday for payoffs at 18:00 server all lvl 70 top 5 all go qgj(L), Poe, Obi, lumi, sid but o noticed top teams varies on servers. Think the fast way to climb would be a burst team with fotp ig88 and so on with a poe.
  • Like a few of the others here, I use only 1 refresh at about 5 p.m. to burst back from #10-15 to my usual #1-3 spot for the 6 p.m. deadline. As they have mentioned, it is a net gain on the investment made. Also, I have a f2p-farmable team, and have never bought chromium...just energy refreshes.
  • For me personally I don't use the 50 Cristal refresh to break the top 10 and even top 5.
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    I would refresh until I broke into the top 10, then you can usually hold rank every day and with the daily 5 attacks, climb back into top 10. I'd only use crystals to initially get into the top 10, or if I somehow got knocked down into the 50's
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    I started in December and finish top 10. Usually 5th to 1st every day. I refreshed with gems constantly always making the biggest rank jump with each fight until I broke the top 20.

    I have only spent £5 on the game ever to buy the Dooku bundle so this isn't pay to win. My team is usually Lumi (leader), Poogle (leader if using ig86), Geo Soldier, Sid or Ig86 and Consular/Plasma or Poe.

    Usually I don't refresh at all any more. I always wait til 5pm to start my fights and as long as I'm still top 50 you can make it into the top 10 in 5 fights jumping 9 ranks a fight.

    Each fight is 10 minute cool down including actual battle time. So 1 hour is enough to finish and usually not give anyone a chance to get the rank back before reset and reward.

    The problem with the current arena is the rich get richer. Finishing 1st is 500 gems. Finishing 20th is 200. So it gets easier and easier for 1st to defend as they have more resources.

    The key to making progress is to invest in a refresh when you can get more back then you spent. Going from 100 to 50 and spending 50 on a refresh and getting to rank 6 nets you a large amount of gems obviously you have to start earlier to get all the games in but the key is to finish as close to reward time as possible.

    If you want to break the top 10 the key is to aim for rank 11. From there you can refresh matches and pick any opponent from 10-2 and find one you think you can beat. If you jump into the top 10 at any point you can only challenge the 3 people ahead of you.

    Eg. Rank 11 can challenge rank 2 but rank 10 can only challenge rank 9, 8 and 7.

    This is getting fixed soon though
  • Rank 1 everyday for payoffs at 18:00 server all lvl 70 top 5 all go qgj(L), Poe, Obi, lumi, sid but o noticed top teams varies on servers. Think the fast way to climb would be a burst team with fotp ig88 and so on with a poe.

    That's so weird, I run that team most times. I usually have to go through you to get that top spot for my time zone payout.

    I usually don't refresh arena. I just run with a semi tough team. Like was said earlier in this thread, it's a lot easier to stay in the Top 10 once you get there. I finish tops as long as someone didn't snipe me when I wasn't paying attention.

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    The first recharge which is 50 gems is usually give u better reward assuming you have high chance beating your opponents. I have never recharge a second time which cost 100. There is no need to save any gems.
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