Spent 600K Ally Points and the results are in...

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I'm trying to finish Darth Nihilus as soon as possible. Before he was "farmable" in Shard Shop and the one hard node, I was at 0/65. Since I had 100K saved in Arena plus other various sources, I have since obtained 191 shards and wanted to make a push to make more progress tonight with more spare shards to turn into the Shard Shop. I had 1.6 Million Ally Points and decided to spend 600k. Since I did not have a fancy Lego Machine, I did this by hand in about 90 minutes while watching TV. Here is some of what I got.
Credits: 130,200
A ton of cheap gear obviously but I even got some purples, including a FULL Mk 3 Sienar Holo Projector!!! I was able to apply a few pieces of gear on characters that I am working on so that was helpful but nothing too exciting.

Snowtrooper: 67
Scout: 63
Royal Guard: 57
A. Tano: 53
JKG: 38
Clone Sergeant: 34
IG-100: 33
IG-86: 29
Jedi Consular: 28
Biggs: 26
Teebo: 25
HRSoldier: 14
Lumi: 12
Daka: 10
Boba: 9
Tusken Raider: 9
Chewie: 8
5s: 8
Dathcha: 8
Plo: 8
HRScout: 8
Mace Windu: 8
Jawa: 7
Gen Veers: 6
Lobot: 5
Stormtrooper: 5
Barriss: 5
IGD: 5
URoRRuR'R'R: 5
Dooku: 5
Talia: 4
Poggle: 2
Nute: 2
Ewok Elder: 2

TOTAL: 608 Shards
Unfortunately for me, I was only able to transfer about 375 shards into the Shard Shop. That's okay though, with what I had in there and then with these additions I was able to get another 30 Darth Nihilus shards which leaves me at 71/100 so I am very close! This exercise put Clone Sergeant(now 55/100) and Snowtrooper(now 79/100) much much closer to 7* so it won't take much for me to finish those which is cool.


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    Finger cramps?
  • 2findaz
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    I was super excited for these results, just wished you did a million ;)
  • AKHatbloke
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    My dad and I both play this game and every unth amount of ally points we play " bronzium bingo." Kinda a fun way to spend them
  • Belfazar
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    AKHatbloke wrote: »
    My dad and I both play this game and every unth amount of ally points we play " bronzium bingo." Kinda a fun way to spend them

    Now that sounds fun... what's your number of ally points you use.
  • Supercat
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    I was hoping you would have probabilities of which gear color dropping and character/charshard drop rates.

    Don't be a ****(4), and follow forum guidelines.
  • I did 250k bronziums the other day on a second account that I was given. Not fun opening them all, but I remember getting a ton of serge and RG shards :)
  • I spent 400k and managed to get 75 Sith Trooper shards, along with some leftovers I didn't spent yet, so that was around 1000 shards converted.
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    God bless you. Thanks for the info.
  • Well would be interested, where is barriss? Had nearly the same results as u with 400k ally points just 211 jawa shards at top :D always 25 at a time but never saw barriss.. Got her at 21/80 with just bronziums in my whole life
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