Mace Windu Rework

Being one of the few legendary Jedi from the saga who could, maybe, defeat Yoda in a duel, he is seriously underpowered. Also, he wasn't the leader kinda guy, so no more leader ability.
Mace Windu

All abilities are maxed out.

Attacker that get dangerous as debuffs are placed on him.
Invincible Assault- Basic
Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If Mace is above 50% Health, this attack deals 50% more damage. If Mace is below 50% Health, he recovers Health equal to 70% of the damage dealt.
Smite- Special Cooldown 3
Deal Special damage to target enemy and remove all positive status effects and deal +10% damage for each buff dispelled.
Vaapad- Special Cooldown 6
Deal physical damage to target. Inflict all debuffs that are present on Mace Windu on the target. For each buff on target deal +20% damage. This attack cannot be Evaded or Resisted.
Shatterpoint- Unique (Zeta)
At the start of each turn, Mace windu has a 25% chance to inflict Shatterpoint for 2 turns and a 75% chance to inflict Expose for 2 turns on a random enemy.
Shatterpoint- Debuff
Cannot deal bonus damage, cannot gain bonuses from leader abilities.
1...2...3! You're dead!


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