Game Update - 2/10/2016


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    Boo! 110k for mining credit event to 8.4k? What a ripoff. It's not even worth playing the event. You are better off making credits from the squad cantina. What a joke. They are forcing you to buy credits with crystals. Seems all these games are fun until they get greedy and make it a pay to play. Losing interest fast. I bet it will be impossible to get Yoda without spending over $100. Time to look for a new game
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    I like the cosmetic upgrades and the Yoda event seems like it should be a great addition.

    I agree that the training and credit event payouts are ridiculously small (just when I started to like the key card challenges). Also the shard shop sounds like a good idea but the trade off is terrible. In order to get the 300 shard credits to purchase 2 shards you would need to cash in 20 shards of One of your 7 star characters. A 10:1 exchange is horrible and really is a worthless feature.
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    Request: Please change font colors to show more contrast and make to easier to read. Use light colors on dark background, or vice versa. (Navy blue text on black background is very difficult to see.) Thank you!
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    I love all new updates EXCEPT the removal of the Key Card events. As someone who has not spent real money on this game and is currently level 68, it's becoming increasingly difficult to build up credits. The new event that costs 24 energy gives me only 8400k?!? Seriously EA?

    Up until this point I've given you top marks and truly felt you could be competitive without the "Pay to Play" model. Not so sure now. Looks like I'll only be making large credit boosts on Sunday's now.
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    With every update the game sucks even more than the previous version

    The old keycard battles 2 stage approach must have been thought up by a monkey, but at least it gave some value.

    This new system costs about 5x as much in energy for the same payout, it stinks.

    5 Jedi to play? Way to go EA, still trying to make people pay for characters or get locked out of participating, well I guess they can start buying them ( LOL ) I am sure that's not what you had in mind though!

    Also noticed that Galaxy Wars is also being tweaked upwards in difficulty, again, I guess people were still winning, and you can't have that!

    Seriously this game is turning into a completely boring progression of daily grinds, time to look for something else.

    Sad, but predictable.
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    J5squared wrote: »
    Obtaining shards is still too difficult imo. My daily behavior is to complete all the daily activities, which takes me very little time, and move on with life until the next day. I dont understand the timers on the challenges either...I kust kill time waiting for the countdown to end. The meager additions to challenges and daily activities is not enough to keep me going back and playing throughout the day. Frankly, I am losing interest. Cmon EA...bigger rewards!

    Exactly, it's turned into nothing but a boring daily grind, and with each release it gets harder to get resources, while they tweak things like Galaxy War to get harder, reduce payouts for the key card replacement system, come up with new battles that require yet more grinding but in a different direction.

    It's really turning into a waste of time, I removed it from my pad, will leave it on the phone and just let my son mess with it.

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    Abyss wrote: »
    Someoen explain why poe losing 1 speed from 143 to 142 is such a hige deal??? Hes still a boss and a complete game changer. His performance seems to be exactly what it what it always was aginst me in arena. Only now, he only sometimes goes before my dooku where he used to go before my dooku around 80% of the time. Not sure what the big deal is, hes still one of the best toons in the game lol

    Speed tiers change from 142 to 143. This means that fully geared Rey, dooku, GS, etc. Will all move before Poe does where before it was a roll of the dice on who went first.

    Look for the speed guide done by team instinct for more info but that's the gist of it.

    Yep, once again EA pulls a partial nerf making any resources you invested worth a lot less, it's like the sit around and try to figure out how to loose long time players.

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    Good update and job, but you must change increase the credit event reward ! It s not worth it right now

    It's completely valueless, about 1/5 of what the payout for the old key card battles were.

    I suspect they figured out leveling just didn't take long enough and want to add more pain to the F2P'ers
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    Scoobles wrote: »
    250k to promote to level five...would take days of coin events to just pay for that one thing. Much less the 500k or million for level six or seven!!! The previous gold event and training bots were very useful now they are both pointless. The training bots you receive are pretty useless for any toon over level 20

    Of course, that was the intent. EA wants everyone to pay, or feel a lot of pain. Let me sum up the update

    Strong characters got nerfed, guess you better reinvest in different ones
    Weak characters got stronger, too bad, but you can now invest in them, maybe we dont nerf them ( snicker )
    Value events like keycards were just helping too much, so now you have to grind 5x as much, literally, to make any headway

    Pst; You can still pay $1000's of dollars and build a really great team if you have more money than common sense, or are mentally unbalanced!

    I have had it with this game, off it goes, it was fun while it lasted.
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    TI13010 wrote: »
    I too feel the reward decrease for the bot and credits is too extreme. Just received my 7th star for the Jedi Counsular. 1 million credits. I'm at level 68 with 129 energy. Previously I could wait until my energy refilled and spend 200 crystals on energy refills to bring me up to 489 energy. 9 credit events later and I've generated 990,000 credits at the cost of 200 crystals. Now my potential reward is either 8k, 16k, or potentially 25k at a cost of 24 energy. Same 489 energy allows me to play 20 times with a maximum payout of 500k (assuming I get the 3x multiplier each time). Spending crystals on energy refills grows at a steady rate, so I'm guessing it will cost 1000 crystals to earn that 990,000 in credits. Can someone explain how this update enhances game play?

    It makes more money for EA, that's pretty much what every update is about apparently.
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    Drekulviin wrote: »
    So you've removed the 20 ally points for sharing a hero ?
    The text only tell that "you receive 20" and not "you and your ally receive 20"

    This was never the case, at one point I thought it was but at least in the past month or so it hasn't been this way.

    Hey Donnie it was writen " you and your ally" ask around if you doubt , I know what I saw since November
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    I understand you guys at EA are greedy and want to force more ppl to buy your over-priced credit packs with crystals but making the credit event THAT low is just a joke! You cut the energy cost in half yes but you cut the credit rewards down to less than 1/10.. That's not the definition of economical balance, that's the definition of a RIP OFF aka SCREW JOB. But since we know that's what you guys were aiming for then you did it perfectly. Oh yea not to mention to tbe excess shard exchange rate if you get shards for your 7*s is pretty pathetic. I've known this type of treatment from ea in the past but I honestly had high hopes for you guys and this game this time. It's all going down the drain so fast(just like our crystals).
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    Yeah, I won't be using the new credit event ever again. The XP event was bugged for me as well, couldn't connect through two attempts, though it did take my 24 energy each time...

    HA! I had the same thing happen, steal energy, then refuse to let me play.

    Honestly with every release you have to grind longer to get the same payout, it's turning into a ridiculously boring game, I was playing 70% of it on auto, and forcing myself to walk through the grueling completely brain dead battles for the 20%, enjoying only about 10% of the game.

    It just isn't worth it anymore, whomever EA has designing this is an ****, but I suspect it's the balance sheet, mo money!

    Ug, can't believe I wasted so much time on this.
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    Boo! 110k for mining credit event to 8.4k? What a ripoff. It's not even worth playing the event. You are better off making credits from the squad cantina. What a joke. They are forcing you to buy credits with crystals. Seems all these games are fun until they get greedy and make it a pay to play. Losing interest fast. I bet it will be impossible to get Yoda without spending over $100. Time to look for a new game

    Yeah I just dropped it off the pad, I was going to continue to let my boy play it on his, but no way now, after reading through the change list it's apparent that EA has lost touch with reality, or have some of the dumbest game designers on the planet.

    This game has turned into a boring, pointless, and ever more frustrating grind.

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    So, what do I do with all this useless, low-tier gear? I was going to sell it for credits when I got to a higher level and needed them. But now what?
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    This is just so confounding.
    Now there is no way to earn 6☆
    Training Droids
    The "events" are so not eventful
    And do not get me started on your new concept of a shard shop.
    For 400 arena tokens
    I can get 5 N Gunray shards.
    Or I can get 5 Sideous shards
    A toon I have at 7☆
    And convert it to 75 shard tokens
    Then, for 1600 arena tokens
    I can get 20 Sideous shards
    That I can convert to 300
    Shard tokens (do the math)
    With which I can purchase
    So basically it's either....
    400 arena tokens for 5 shards
    Or 1600 for two
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    The targeting issue while in autoplay has not been solved. It is actually much worse than before. Each character attacks a different target during most rounds. I also don't think the shattershot droids are resetting after being hit, when fighting Mace Windu in the challenges. The one fight where I wouldn't really mind so much that the characters are switching targets willy nilly.
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    Galactic war ....great I now lose my best characters at the 4th nods rending the war useless and almost impossible to complete. I'm already annoyed and "autoplay" 70% of the game. If Galactic war is to become even harder it will probably push me to the point where I will delete the game. In the last few weeks I was only able to finish the war 25% of the time add to this that most of the missions is done on auto and even squad battle what's left to do ? Grinding grinding and grinding pay pay and you will win ! Maybe it's me , I use to play commander and after a month or two I deleted it because it got boring and repetetive. Heroes will probably have the same fate. BTW these last changes are nice (vfx). Thank you for the last 10 weeks and keep my $$ ;)
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    Did you "adjust" Lando's AOE attack? I see a significant drop in damage.
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    The Poe nerf was pretty extreme. It turns a top tier character into a mid-tier character. There was no mention of his speed being adjusted, even in the patch notes. Disappointed.

    The reduction in event awards was a poor decision. What's the point of unlocking characters if I can't get the resources to level them? This makes me much less likely to buy packs, as I can't even properly gear and level the heros I currently have.

    I hope the other new events add more value to this game, as I feel the pricing continues to increase but the product remains virtually unchanged. What's up with that?
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    good update! Thanks
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    @EA_Jesse Are you aware of the graphical issues for the PC players after the last patch update and will you do something to resolve it?
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    Using Special of Savage Opress now deals: 99999 Damage on enemys below 25% health and cant be evaded.. well thats a finishing move against anything..
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    All of you need to chill the f**k down... about the freaking credits. This game is supposed to be hard ... not farming a 5 team 7 stars full gear in 3 months. You get bored afterwards of winning. Paying players should have some sort of advantage... and now it's getting 7 star chars much easier, since everybody can get the droid team, that Poe c**t of a hero... You want a game where everybody has the same heroes.. over and over again?, or you want a challenge in every battle? Personally I like the new design features, but I play because I'm a freaking Star Wars fan.. not to be the 1000 clone with Poe Dameron in my copy cat team
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    Is it just me or is the Jedi Healing skill of the Jedi Consular nerfed from a 2 turn cooldown to a 4 turn cooldown while having the level 6 upgrade on it? It does not say that anywhere in the notes. Also it would mean I wasted quite some Ability Mats on it then. I hope it's a bug otherwise I can kiss my whole "Infinite healing' build goodbye.
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    OMG, training droid and coin events should be called "Your energy ripoff by EA"... would be better not to implement these things and focus on something usefull...
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    Looks like it has gone the way of every similar game.

    Starts of easy(ish) and good value.

    Gets you hooked.

    As more and more people play it, competition ramps up, then value, difficulty, and any real semblance of fairness goes out the window as the profits climb....

    (the upside is though that it will eventually re-balance to a degree as large numbers of players quit).
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    Dear Jesse and Devs!

    I have some thoughts and wanted to share with you.

    1) Bounty events
    So said the new and improved event system has been placed but I would say you need to think it over again and give us back at least what we had. Keycard battles had 50 energy cost and the reward was 100-110k credit based on the tier. That's we can say 50 energy = 100k credit. The new system is 24 energy for 8,4k guaranteed credits and a chance to get 2x-3x that amount (and as we all now the drop rate is ridiculous and we cannot count on it, it means 48 energy (almost 50) = 16,8k credit. If you are a lucky guy, then it is 50,4k. So if we have luck, we can get half amount compared to the keycard battles. If we do not have any luck it's around 17% of the keycard bounty reward.

    Do you think it is improved? Wasn't it a big nerf? How could you say that. And you are talking about the mistakes were made by the community and the devs too. I do not want to be rude but most of us payed a great amount on this game. The only thing that you and devs got was your payment. So when we do mistakes, we pay for it. When you do mistakes even we pay for it. It is that simple as that. So please don't blame the community.
    In short: If you want our money, give us back at least what we have. 24 energy for 50k gold. If you want to be generous you can leave the 2-3x multiplier there. At least we would get the same amount for sure and have a little chance for double or triple. We are not fool. Not just kids.

    2) Squad Arena
    - It is great that you improved that area but it could be better. Ranks page: show us the power at least. On tap, show us the full squad like on matches screen. I don't even understand why it is not like that.
    - fix the ranks and matches screens. The leader skill display is incorrect. Almost always, almost for everyone. Fe.: my Phasma looks like he has 16% chance to call ally but it is 18% already on level 6 and this is what I have and see when check the toon's stat.

    3) Events section
    Please do not show me a red number 1 if there is a locked event. I'm happy for the Yoda event but it is not started yet. So why do you bother me with that visual? Simple just change it to show the counter when the event is open, not when you have added.

    4) GW
    I know you mentioned that GW was designed to be hard. It is OK. But, do you think is that hard when you have to face with full 7* squads (purple gear) from the 3rd-4th battle and you do not even have a full 7* squad? Yeah, with enough effort sometimes you can make it. But I would say it is insane, not just hard. Do some changes on this, please. It is ok that it is hard but hard != insane...

    5) Timers on challenges
    Are you kidding? Why should I wait 10 minutes to go for a challenge again? What is the idea behind this? More play time? It is just frustrating. We want to play. We have our opportunities but we have to wait. For nothing. No spending there, just the miserable timer. We have to wait for _nothing_ for _no reason_. Why? At least explain us...

    6) Subcribtions

    I got the opportunity to buy the 21 day subscription but it would be better to have an option permanently. I guess it is not a bad thing to create offers and get some income from them.
    It is not our call for sure, but just some ideas:
    - 30 days subscription
    - for everyone (don't you need the money from those who had never spent? I don't get it)
    - give some extra energy
    - price is less than 10 euro/dollar ( I don't mind if it is 12 or 15 but most players would buy under 10 and would not above...)

    I guess there will be some answers from the community regarding GW, it is not that hard and so on but if you have spent an older car's price on this game (2-3k euro or dollar) you are a whale with 15-20 7* and you may think it is not your problem. But it is. Cause without free to play or lower spenders you don't have a game at all. Except if you like to fight only PvE or you like to be sit on the top of an arena without doing anything. You can always wait for new missions. I guess this game would be fun for the whales without ftp and little spenders... Think about it before you reply, please...

    Disclaimer: I guess my english grammar was not fully correct but this is not my mother tongue.
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    Am I the only one who read Yoda's abilities? This is gonna be some overpowered dude for the whales. If you have not focused on a Jedi-team from start you won't be able to get Yoda (atleast not now).
    He is going to rule Squad-Arena for those, who spent too much money on a video game.#
    There were already 2 specific Jedi-packs in store (Barris and Mace Windu). And now you get even the chance to pay another 60 Euros to get the third Jedi-pack?

    Yoda is maybe the favourite character of many star wars fans. I don't like how he is used as a fat cow, that EA milks now.
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