Dooku and bariss

Well I have been playing since soft launch and thought I would share my experiences with the so called op characters. I am in the top 50 of my server and have come across this duo many times and have to say they are tough not unstoppable. dooku is a glass cannon, spike him down quick and he's gone. Bariss heals are plentiful and can be frustrating, but soft targets can be put down in 1 turn. Also is anyone using auto? Timing attacks is everything, never use auto unless attack power is many power points above team. My spike group:
The fives
extra slot for either support or attacker


  • Count Dooku has an unfair advantage with counter attacks and needs to be nerfed. Light side characters are also weaker than dark side again let's get some parity.
  • I agree, his counter attack should require some investment to have 100%. I do not believe he was meant to be acquired so quickly by so many players with multi stars. The dark side starter pack put a top tier character into many hands before a good counter was even a choice. It took me to level 48 to design a great team to beat him consistently. As far as parity between forces, I think there will be skill balances here and there to keep the game interesting, for right now though it is too early to nerf//buff without a bigger picture of where the meta game will evolve to as players unlock more and gain levels. Nerfs right now will mainly be towards broken skills or grossly overpowered combos.
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