Bounty Hunters should be NEUTRAL -- DEV RESPONSE



  • CaptainRex
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    Dear God if they are bounty hunters why can't we change their tags with credits? One tag at a time. If you want to keep them dark that's fine but we should be able to determine which ds faction we want to contract them out to.

    Oooo I like that!
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  • Creepioo
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    Roken_Fett wrote: »
    Bounty Hunters are Dark Side.

    Yeah, I'm aware. But I'm saying the SHOULDN'T be. They follow the money. Money isn't evil or good.

    Isn't money the root of all evil

    People keep mixing it up, it's not money is the root of all evil, that's silly money is just a static object that can't do anything so it can't be good or evil. It's the love of money is the root of all evil. There's a big difference. Bounty Hunters on the other hand are not static and they have a conscience even if they ignore it to the point they can't hear it anymore. There is no neutral when it comes to morality, even being neutral in a situation will either be good or bad.
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    Money itself is neutral. Actions taken to acquire it, however, are not. Being willing to work for either side doesn't mean someone is morally neutral, it just means their loyalty is sold to the highest bidder, and doesn't change the fact that they don't mind murder, theft, kidnapping, etc. for the sake of profit no matter if their target is good or bad. That is what the bounty hunters (currently) in game are.
  • Poxx
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    Tracking someone down, kidnapping them at gunpoint and selling them off for a profit...totally not evil.
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    God I love "her"! Category is...!

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    If bounty hunters are hired by the law to bring in criminals they are considered good right?

    Just forget that the law is Darth Vader and the criminal is Han Solo and it sounds right. ;-)

  • Achilles
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    Of we take it seriously, there is no "Good" in Star Wars universe.
    The one who was closest to "Good" was Padmé
    Satine Kryze :wink:
    Left by design.
    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
  • Blackbeardpepe
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    edited July 2017
    I agree with the devs direction of bounty hunters. In the clone wars, yes, a lot of times they were neutral when it benefits themselves. All of these bounty hunters in the game are based on the clone wars, which were all the antagonists in their respective episodes.

    Im about done with season 3 on netflix, all of these bounty hunters that are in the game, are bad guys in the show. It wouldnt make sense to have it any other way. Up to season 3, these bounty hunters mainly worked in part with the separtists or Jabba. Jabba is himself an iconic bad guy.
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