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    You don't have enough offense on that team...Tarkin eventually and Vader with his culling blade but really need TFP or DT.

    You need to speed up your non-tanks and hope that your tanks takes the hit long enough for you to take down r2. RG and Stormtrooper are slow and don't autotaunt in the beginning.

    Appreciate the advice. I'm gonna try my best to make it work. If not, who do you think I should replace Stormtrooper with next time he comes around? Magma guard seems like an easy farm and I have him at 4* already. I also have a 5* Snowtrooper.

    Snowtrooper provides hella offense. I suggested him because he's somewhat easy to farm since he drops fairly frequently in Bronziums. Certainly easier to farm than Deathtrooper.

    Get his crit % up, when he does an AOE and lands multiple crits, he gets to AOE again on his next turn. His firepower is not concentrated, but if you look at the enemy health pool as a whole, he can deplete it rather quickly. Spread 10k+ crits over a 5-man squad ... a 50k hit is nothing to sneeze at.

    If he somehow fails to crit enough to reset his AOE, then his basic applies Ability Block which is also useful. And then he awards TM to his allies when the enemy starts falling. He's a superstar on the Forest Moon battles.

    I like TFP too, I think he's better for concentrated firepower and speedy output of his own, and his buff immunity AOE is generally good, but he doesn't really hold up in Arena because of all the cleansers out there. TFP must have debuffs on the enemy to shine, so if the debuffs get cleansed he just stagnates. Snowtrooper does not need debuffs on the enemy to do well.

    TFP needs to be behind tanks...but otherwise his speed and firepower are great.
  • Is R2 immune to ability block? I've hit him with vader's basic I don't know how many times and it doesn't even say resisted. It hits but nothing happens.
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