Territory Battles Overview Unveiling w/ Gameplay! - AhnaldT101

Hey guys!

Winter is coming and with that Territory Battles - Hoth Invasion is also expected to arrive very soon! I managed to play a lot of Territory Battles this past weekend while visiting Capital Games and today I have a video giving you a first look at how it will work! It will be a comprehensive overview guiding you from how Territory Battles begin to what rewards you can expect and purchase for your participation.

Enjoy and hopefully this helps as a tool to prepare both you and your guilds! This will be a very rebel and Light Side biased game mode so be sure to get those characters ready if you plan on getting the best rewards possible.


If you would like to just read a text overview, here is the official forum post made this weekend, however, it will not have all the details that I mention in the video such as platoon requirements, requirements for special missions, what the rewards are, etc.: https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/127458/territory-battles-overview#latest


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